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Founded in the year 1983 and headquartered in Westbrook, Maine, IDEXX Laboratories specializes in the manufacture of point-of-care veterinary diagnostic products, including SDMA assay kits, hematology equipment, blood and urine chemistry, quantitative immunoassay testing, automated urinalysis analyzers, and rapid assays. As the leading wholesale veterinary equipment supplier in Dubai, we here at Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers are proud to feature IDEXX Laboratories in our ever-expanding brand portfolio. Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers have been IDEXX’s operating partner in the Middle East for over a decade now. A testament to the quality of IDEXX’s range of products is the fact that it is the single most widely used laboratory equipment amongst veterinarians in the region.

Kidney or renal failure is a common condition that occurs in dogs and cats when the organ stops working efficiently and is no longer able to remove toxins and waste products from the blood. Such a condition can develop due to several reasons, including tumors, infections, and more commonly aging. The IDEXX SDMA Catalyst test is a vet-recommended test to identify early symptoms of kidney failure. SDMA is the more preferred option than creatinine tests as SDMA levels increase earlier in dogs and cats suffering from kidney diseases. IDEXX, as a brand, has always strived to discover the unmet needs of its customers. If you would like to know about the IDEXX products that we offer or specific instructions about the IDEXX SDMA Catalyst test, reach out to us today.

IDEXX SDMA: The test that can detect kidney disease months to years earlier.
IDEXX Laboratories

"IDEXX machines are user-friendly, easy to learn how to operate, offers reliable results. The wide range of in-house tests has made easier and faster for our vets to address medical concerns without any delays. The slick-looking and compact design is an added bonus. We are very happy with IDEXX's after-sale and maintenance services".

Dr. Farah Murrani, The Veterinary Hospital UAE