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Calibra, a pet food range formulated by veterinarians to meet the dietary needs of your much-loved canine and feline companions. Calibra offers nutritionally balanced – hypoallergenic food that is free from chemical preservatives and artificial coloring. Their products are suitable even for both cats and dogs that are suffering from digestive problems, kidney issues, and food allergies. The brand’s hypoallergenic and super premium wellness diets are available in a number of flavors such as chicken, lamb, salmon, and duck. Calibra is popular among pet owners owing to their great packing, high meat content, and clear labelling of ingredients.

Calibra's range of clinical diets covers almost all the regular health issues suffered by cats and dogs. Apart from the numerous health benefits it offers, Calibra’s products also have a positive impact on the animal’s coat and skin. Their products are also available as canned wet diet food, which is often recommended due to digestive reasons or due to problems such as eating pellets. The majority of the canned food range is conceptually based on the same philosophy as that of dry food; as such, they can be used simultaneously. Calibra has also developed a comprehensive puppy and kitten starter kit filled with all the essential nutrients required for the animal's healthy development. The brand has also paid attention to designing the packaging of the new diet range. If you are in search of a trusted cat and dog food brand in Dubai, opt for Calibra! And if you are hoping to get the best price for Calibra products online, choose Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers.

Calibra Pet Food

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