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Veterinarians developed the Calibra brand of pet foods to meet the dietary needs of your feline and canine companions. Calibra produces hypoallergenic, nutritionally sound nutrition and is devoid of synthetic dyes and chemical preservatives. Their products are safe to use, even for cats and dogs with digestive issues, kidney issues, or food allergies. Super-premium and hypoallergenic diets from the brand are available in various flavors, including chicken, lamb, fish, and duck. Pet owners prefer Calibra due to its superior packaging, significant meat content, and clear ingredient labeling.

Nearly all the common health problems cats and dogs experience is covered by the clinical diets offered by Calibra. Calibra's products favorably affect the animal's coat and skin and the many health advantages they provide. Additionally, their goods are delivered as canned wet diet food, which is frequently advised for gastrointestinal issues or issues with consuming pellets, for example. Since the bulk of the canned food selection shares the same conceptual foundation as the dry food selection, both can be consumed simultaneously. The brand considered the packaging of the new diet line. Choose Calibra if you're looking for a reliable cat and dog food brand in Dubai! Eurovets, the official distributors in Dubai and the GCC region for Calibra products online.


What is in a name?

The name Calibra is derived from the word <<[kalIbreIt]

To check, adjust, or determine by comparison. To make corrections. Adjust optout to get accuracy, to take external factors into account to make it precise.