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With a philosophy that every animal should be able to lead a normal and healthy life without any limitations after surgery, Rita Leibinger is a German-based veterinary manufacturer that specializes in developing innovative veterinary medical products. Known for quality and performance, each product on offer by Rita Leibinger Medical is safely and ethically manufactured in line with the global industry standards. We here at Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers are proud to be recognized as the official partner of the Rita Leibinger brand within the UAE. Our product line-up focuses on the brands’ line-up of veterinary orthopedic and surgical implants, including TTA Rapid and C-LOX. Rita Leibinger’s surgical kits should be every veterinarian’s primary choice as it is specially designed for convenience and ease of use.

At Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers, we seek to help veterinary practices within the UAE through our range of diagnostic and medical solutions. Our partnership with Rita Leibinger is a testament to our-going commitment to provide our clients with high-quality products and services. To know more about our range of Rita Leibinger products or for pricing inquiries, feel free to reach out to us today!

Rita Leibinger

Improving healing chances of patients with high-quality innovations.