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We supply over 3000+ product lines, sourced from around the world. 

This include:


We source and supply quality prescription drugs to treat and monitor diseases.

Product range includes Clodronate injection for Navicular syndrome, Trilostane for Hyperadrenocorticism, methimazole for stabilization of hyperthyroidism; Pimobendan for the treatment of congestive heart failure etc.

Disinfectants and Treatments

High-quality disinfectants and treatments are essential to veterinary clinics and practices for maintaining required hygiene standards.

Product ranges from infection control which achieves a broad spectrum kill of potentially harmful micro organisms to topical treatment shampoo and ointments.


Our wide range of consumables offer great value for money without compromising on quality.

Product range includes Gloves, Swabs, Suture and Hypodermic needles, urine catheters, IV catheters, bandaging and casting Stethoscope, infusion accessories, surgical and anaesthetic products.

Feed and Supplements

The extensive range of feeds that we source has been designed to support the animals through all stages of life, through all activities, taking into consideration breed and size (in the cases of dogs and cats).

Product range includes Superpremium pet food Dietetic pet food, Endurance, stable and show horse feeds, USDA certified, -organic bird foods, Gut health supplements etc.

Veterinary Equipment

A combination of fully integrated veterinary equipment with superior quality to meet the needs of patients and customers. Product range includes Hematology analyzers, Chemistry analyzers, Anaesthetic equipment, Cages, Ultrasound units, Endoscopy units; Operating tables, Ophthalmic and X-ray equipment, Therapeutic units, Dental equipment and other diagnostic equipment.



Veterinary Instrumentation

The veterinary profession continues to develop, with practitioners and practices demanding ever better clinical outcomes. Answering these increasingly diverse needs, we source the most innovative, comprehensive (and trusted) range of instruments and implants available.

Product range includes General Orthopaedics -Scissors, Forceps, Retractors, Needle Holders; Surgical starter kits, suture spools screws, plates ad drills for internal fixation, specialized instruments for Othopaedic surgery, Soft tissue surgery, Spinal surgery, Meniscus surgery, Dental surgery, Ophthalmic surgery etc.

Why Buy with Eurovets

Premium Quality

We source and import the highest quality, cutting edge, value-laden products to meet the needs of veterinary, pet, agricultural, equine and camel markets across the region.

Fast and Secure Delivery

Our temperature controlled vehicle fleet and state of the art inventory management system, allow us to deliver all our customers’ products in a timely manner. Our delivery roster includes clinics, pet shops, online pet supply businesses, stables, farms, and even royal palaces.

 Range of Products

From consumables, disinfectants, treatments, pharmaceuticals, veterinary equipment / instrumentation as well as feed and supplements for all animal segments.


At Eurovets we transform our client's environment to provide better SOLUTIONS for all

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Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists

Developed by Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists (AAS) – Darvall’s brand of innovative products focuses on addressing long-standing veterinary anaesthesia problems. Owned and operated by veterinarians, AAS specializes in engineering products and equipment that are easy to use and solves common challenges faced by veterinarians. More than 80% of the animals that are anaesthetized are smaller than 16kg, keeping patient safety in mind, Darvall with their range of products has offered an effective alternative for small animal anaesthesia. Darvall were also the first to introduce heated breathing circuits, cozy warm air heater, and forced-air warming blankets to tackle hypothermia troubles. Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the AAS brand in the UAE. Our team is dedicated to addressing all the veterinary needs at your clinic by providing you with authentic veterinary anaesthesia products in Dubai.

Bio PetActive

For more than two decades, Bio PetActive has been crafting care products, nutritional aids, and medical products to promote the health and safety of your pets. These include Bio Puppy, a puppy milk replacer containing all the nutrients a prematurely separated puppy requires. Cat owners will rejoice at the brand’s Catimalt Paste, a specially-formulated paste engineered to breakdown and dislodge hairballs. Both of these products and more are available at Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers.

At Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers, we strive to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible. For that reason, all of our Bio PetActive products come with the guarantee of timely delivery. Additionally, our experienced customer service department will help guide you towards the product that is right for your pet. With the dedication and expertise of our team, it should come as no surprise that we are the premier supplier of Bio PetActive products in Dubai.


Calibra, a pet food range formulated by veterinarians to meet the dietary needs of your much-loved canine and feline companions. Calibra offers nutritionally balanced – hypoallergenic food that is free from chemical preservatives and artificial coloring. Their products are suitable even for animals that are suffering from digestive problems and food allergies. The brand’s hypoallergenic and super premium line of diets are available in a number of flavors such as chicken, lamb, salmon, and duck. Calibra is popular among pet owners owing to their great packing, high meat content, and clear labelling of ingredients.

Calibra's range of clinical diets covers most regular health issues suffered by cats and dogs. Their products are also available as canned wet diet food, which is often recommended due to digestive reasons or other problems with eating pellets. The majority of the canned food range is conceptually based on the same philosophy as that of dry food; as such, they can be used simultaneously. The brand has also paid attention to designing the packaging of the new diet range. Graphic symbols on the front side of the packaging overly convey the message that the ill animal should be taken to the vet. If you are in search of a trusted pet food brand in Dubai, opt for Calibra!

Cipla Vet

Medicines focusing on companion animals (flea and tick control, deworming, joint and skin care). 

Companion Animal Health / LiteCure

LiteCure is the parent company of medical division, LiteCure Medical, and veterinary division, Companion Animal Health. LiteCure’s technology has been driven by sound scientific understanding – combining physics, laser science, and engineering to provide advanced laser technology and innovative solutions to the health care industry. This sound basis in science has enabled LiteCure to develop patented technology that provides healthcare professionals with the most advanced therapeutic technology.


 The Equi4S concept is founded on quality, safety, innovation and efficiency. Equi4S has chosen to make available a small but impressive range of supplemental aids, well formulated and with unique features (including herbs) which are used routinely across the globe.

The products are developed with an uncompromising commitment to quality and safety in accordance with ISO 22000, the strict GMP standards, the requirements of Genetic ID's non-GMO seal and the regulations of the Belgian FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain).  Equi4S samples are subjected to anti-doping controls on a regular basis at the LCH (Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques) in France, which also serves as the central laboratory of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI).

Quality awareness at Equi4S goes beyond the continuous improvement of product quality, however. Equi4S aim to boost innovative compositions and, above all, the products are valued for their high concentrations of active ingredients.



An effective veterinary practice hygiene range widely used to keep practitioners and animals safe from disease. Eurovets is the leading F10 product supplier in Dubai. The F10® products are comprised of a hygiene and infection control - as well as topical treatments product range. Other high-performance demanding users include pharmaceutical manufacturers (sterile and non-sterile areas) and SPF laboratories. F10® products are the market leader in practice hygiene products in countries such as Australia and South Africa. Eurovets has been selected as the exclusive stockist (supplier) of this product for the last 5 years in Dubai.


FOSCHI's division ARIA (Advanced Resources for Imaging and Application) is dedicated to the radiology market for equine and small animals. 

Foschi is synonymous with an innovative, hands-on approach, thanks to the construction of the new ARIA platform for diagnostic imaging, featuring cutting-edge software developed in partnership with x-ray specialists.

Harrison's Bird Food

If you’re after bird food supplies in Dubai, then Harrison’s has in store the most comprehensive range of bird food Supplies for those feathery friends of yours. Whether you’ve got a cockatoo or a cockatiel, it’s vital that you supply your birds with quality food that serve their nutritional needs. Harrison’s Bird Food is distributed by Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers in the UAE, with a history of providing all veterinary business types with top-of-the-line products at highly competitive prices. Harrison’s produce high-quality organic bird food that is non-GMO verified and suited to many different bird species. Harrison’s Bird Foods come in seed mix types, as well as dry foods and have been tailored to suit the nutritional requirements of all birds, including parrots and even budgerigars.

Henry Schein

Veterinarians understand how important it is to use quality veterinary medical products. After all, right medical products are crucial to the adequate veterinary care of all animals. Henry Schein is a name that is synonymous with quality veterinary solutions. Eurovets provides clients with a vast array of Henry Schein products in UAE. Henry Schein brings together products, services, and technology to aid in the well-being of animals and for those who care for them. If you’re searching for Henry Schein products in Dubai, Eurovets gives you access to the most extensive range at the most cost-effective prices.

IDEXX Laboratories

IDEXX offers point-of-care veterinary diagnostic products such as blood and urine chemistry, hematology equipment, quantitative immunoassay testing, automated urinalysis analyzers; and rapid assays. The company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Westbrook, Maine. Together with Eurovets, IDEXX has been operating in the Middle east for over a decade and is the single most widely used Laboratory equipment amongst veterinarians in the region.



iM3 is leading veterinary dental company that develops and manufacture the latest veterinary dental machines, instruments, x-rays and dental consumables. Eurovets supply over a 100+ products from the iM3 range.

Karl Storz

After plying their trade in the manufacturing of human medical equipment for over seven decades, Karl Storz has taken their extensive experience and applied their knowledge to assist veterinary clinics and practices in Dubai. Karl Storz is now the global leader in the field of veterinary medical equipment. Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers distributes an array of Karl Storz veterinary systems which is a testament to our ongoing philosophy of providing only the most reputable products and instruments. Our friendly customer service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have and process your orders in a timely manner. Select from range of Karl Storz endoscopy equipment that’s able to be used on small and large animals, as well as birds. Next time you’re in need of a Karl Storz equipment supplier in Dubai, Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers is on hand to assist your clinic’s every need.

Karl Storz Products Are Suitable For:

Companion Animals = Karl Storz products are suitable for UAE veterinarians to use as an examination tool on domestic animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. 

Large Animals = Veterinarians in UAE can benefit from a range of Karl Storz endoscopy systems that are customized for larger animals, including horses and cattle. 

Birds = Karl Storz has developed endoscopic veterinary technology that can be used by UAE veterinarians to delicately examine a range of bird species.

LW Scientific

LW Scientific is our leading supplier of microscopes and centrifuges. LW scientific is an ISO 13485:2003 compliant company that has been awarded the prestigious accolade -  2013 Small Manufacturer of The Year by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.  


Mavlab | Fido's

The Mavlab range include veterinary pharmaceuticals, pet care and equine products. Their expertise includes development and manufacture of high quality products for veterinarian use. Eurovets is the leading Mavlab and Fido’s Pet care range supplier in Dubai. The Fido’s Pet care range, includes high quality animal grooming and health products for pets.

Mazuri Zoo Foods

Mazuri Zoo Foods is dedicated to preserving wildlife through the development of nutritionally sound feeding regimes, research and service for the world’s zoological parks and wildlife collections.

The science of nutrition in captive wild animals is relatively young and there is still a lot to learn. Mazuri Zoo Foods uses its wealth of knowledge accumulated from decades of continued research to formulate feeds that provide the nutritional content that matches as far as possible the natural diets of the wild environment.

Meeting the nutritional requirements of each species is a continual challenge faced by the leading nutritional experts in wildlife research.

Formulating and producing a product that is palatable, completely drug free and that is capable of approximating a natural diet is what sets Mazuri Zoo Foods apart from the competition.


Midmark provide veterinary-specific solutions for all necessary, state-of-the-art equipment, such as steel cages, kennel runs and dry lift tables to mention a few...


From premium to portable, Mindray offers a portfolio of products that provide solutions for all levels of ultrasound practice. 

Rita Leibinger

Focused on innovative products specialising in 3D knee and spinal implants for companion animals.(TTA Rapid and C-Lox) 

Royal Horse

Horses and camels require a very specific combination of nutrients to remain healthy and active. Royal Horse’s line of super premium horse feed in Dubai has been developed to provide just that! Their exclusive product range, designed by expert nutritionists and veterinarians, will help to enhance the performance of horses across all disciplines. In addition to the horse feed, the brand also offers a specially formulated Royal Camel mix to help keep the animal in prime condition. Each Royal Horse product is manufactured in production plants that meet the highest global accreditations and follow the best manufacturing practices.

At Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers, we are privileged to be recognized as the premier Royal Horse supplier in Dubai and across the GCC. We stock all of the brand’s most popular equine feeds including H-350 and H-250, among others. When you purchase Royal Horse feed from us, you get a high-grade product from a known and trusted supplier. We complement the high quality of our products with excellent value for money and timely delivery.

Spectrum Veterinary

Testing and treatment specialists. Spectrum provides SPOT Platimum testing as well as a comprehensive approach to treatment for allergies in dogs, cats and horses. What makes SPOT Platinum unique is that they routinely test for 91 allergens (small animal) and 86 allergens (large animal). This is the most comprehensive standard panel in the industry.

Storz Medical

STORZ MEDICAL systems provide shock wave therapy equipment for a vast range of indications (such as osteoarthiritis, muscle treatment, wound healing etc.) in dogs,cats and horses.

Veterinary Instrumentation

Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers is excited to promote Veterinary Instrumentation’s comprehensive range of instruments, implants and veterinary equipment. Designed using the highest standard of materials available, Veterinary Instrumentation provides veterinary surgery equipment to animal hospitals across UAE. With modern surgical equipment being essential to any veterinarian, Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers provides clients with a better customer service experience and timely delivery of all Veterinary Instrumentation products – including forceps and orthopedic pins. We focus to ensure that everyone who uses a Veterinary Instrumentation product can do more and treat their animals with a greater level of care.

Vet Pharma

Vet Pharma is one of the most innovative manufacturers of veterinary products in the world. Each year, the brand limits itself to developing just three new medicinal products to ensure its quality. The products that they offer are designed to protect pets from all forms of modern threats. At Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers, we offer two of the brand’s most popular products, namely Nosedorm and Sedin. As controlled drugs, both Sedin and Nosedorm and only used for clinical use on a prescription basis.

We here at Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers are proud to term ourselves as the leading supplier of Vet Pharma products in the UAE. Each of the products that we offer is registered with the Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE, and further complemented with a low-price tag. Order from our online store, and you can be sure of timely delivery. Our dedicated customer support team will be on standby to answer any questions you may have. At Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers, we care about you as much as you care about your pets.