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Since 2016, Vakava technologies Ltd. has enthusiastically shared its expertise in IoT, technology, and the cold chain. It was established in Finland to offer transparent and unbreakable cold chain services and cold storage solutions. Vakava seeks to provide solutions to veterinary clinics, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and grocery shops in the middle east with its Cool Units through its partnership with Eurovets, the sole partner and the veterinary supplier in Dubai of this international firm.

Vakava's all-encompassing innovation through its cold chain service aims to make it possible for the middle east to now safely receive vaccines, medications, and other goods that need cold storage. A leading veterinary supplier in Dubai, Eurovets, is honored to advance this contribution of cold chain service as a partner.


Vakava’s mission is to provide an unbreakable and transparent cold chain from first mile to last mile, globally in cold chain logistics.