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Since releasing its goods on the market in 2007, Equi4S (Sport Support Safe Supplements) has enjoyed amazing success. The principles of excellence, security, innovation, and effectiveness are the cornerstones of the Equi4S concept.

Sport Support Safe Supplement, a Belgian firm, creates top equine supplements of the finest caliber that will keep your horses happy and healthy. The company's only focus is on creating products that successfully address real problems. Equi4S prioritizes consistency, quality, palatability, and safety when producing its products. Although they may not provide the most supplement help options, their products are well-formulated and have several benefits, from better gastrointestinal health to muscle growth. All of their products are safe, and the ones veterinarians suggest using on horses engaged in athletic or other vigorous activity. Products from Equi4S don't include any extraneous fillers. They only use top-tier, premium nutrients like vitamin E and selenium supplements for horses to provide your horse with the best nutritional support available. If you're looking for the highest-quality horse supplements in Dubai, look at the Equi4S line of top equine supplements.

Each Equi4S product is created with a strong commitment to quality and safety by the strict GMP feed safety requirements and ISO 22000 criteria. Additionally, their products comply with Belgian FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) standards governing the production of animal feed and supplements production and the Genetic ID non-GMO seal requirements. Furthermore, Equi4s samples are frequently subjected to anti-doping tests at the LCH (Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques) in France, the primary laboratory of the International Equestrian Federation, to rule out the presence of naturally occurring prohibited drugs (FEI).

Since we at Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers are committed to providing the best products and services to improve your horse's health, we offer unrivaled product support.


“I'm totally excited about It. My geriatric horse finally has no problems with fecal water and looks great, after 2 years of trying everything else that has not helped.” 

Anonymous- Equi4S user