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Horses and camels, esteemed creatures known for their grace and strength, possess distinct nutritional requirements to sustain vitality and vigor. Royal Horse has created a high-quality horse feed line in Dubai that provides these essential nutrients. This exclusive array of products, from collaborative expertise from accomplished nutritionists and veterinarians, is poised to elevate equine performance across diverse disciplines and equestrian activities. Alongside their endurance horse feeds, Royal Horse also offers a unique Camel mix designed to maintain the optimal health of camels. Central to this exceptional quality is the meticulous manufacturing process, adhering stringently to the most stringent global certifications and embodying industry-leading production practices. 

Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers takes pride in being the main distributor of Royal Horse Feed in Dubai and the GCC. Our comprehensive inventory encompasses the brand's flagship equine feeds, including H-350, H-250, and S-250 formulations. When you buy Royal Horse products from us, you're guaranteed a high-quality product from a trusted supplier. Our equine supplies are known for their excellence and affordability, and we ensure timely delivery to meet your needs.

Why Choose Royal Horse Feed?

Here are a few explanations for why Royal Horse is the most popular horse feed in Dubai.

  • Operates in 26 countries under the global brand. .
  • Highest Quality Products: Produced in Facilities with Quality Certification by FEI and race code standards. .
  • Winning and Tested Formula: Created by R&D specialists from all around the world. .
  • Eurovets a well-known supplier of veterinary products and services in the GCC are the official distributors of it. .
  • L-Carnitine supplements: Increase the conversion of lipids into energy and aid in reducing fatigue. It increases muscular strength and speeds up recovery. .
  • Using Mannan Oligo Saccharides (MOS) in the formulation the gut flora is regulated by prebiotics from yeast cell walls. Thus, it promotes safety during transit and aids in the prevention of digestive diseases. They remove and treat harmful germs. The immune system is strengthened by it. .
  • I added Gastri Wall Builder (GWB) as a supplement, a plant-based active component that promotes stomach comfort. Neutralizes the stomach's acidity. Encourages the growth of good microorganisms. .
  • Contains AO elite antioxidants, a blend of antioxidants from vegetables. They are made to aid in the removal of toxins from active horses. It increases muscular effort and speeds up healing. .
  • Moderate starch content: Since horses' small intestines lack the amylase enzyme, they cannot digest significant amounts of starch. Excessive starch has negative effects on performance and health. .
  • Rich in essential amino acids: Lysine, Methionine, Cysteine, and Threonine must be obtained from food because the body cannot produce them. .
  • In sports horses, the inclusion of organic selenium improves bioavailability and bioactivity.
Royal Horse

"Considering long-format events and the important recovery need in eventing, I am fully satisfied with H-350 feed."

Nicolas TOUZAINT : Olympic Team Champion 2004