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Biogal - Galed Laboratories has been at the forefront of veterinary diagnostics innovation since 1986. Their goal as industry specialists is to help veterinarians use innovative diagnostic test kits to better the health of their pet patients. Eurovets Dubai, a well-known veterinary supplier in Dubai and the Middle East, is the proud distributor of this top global brand, which seeks to give every veterinarian access to this precise, user-friendly, and cost-effective diagnostic testing. Biogal has manufactured three important infectious disease prevention solutions for small animals. It can be conducted and analyzed in the veterinarian's office, eliminating the need for sample transmission to the laboratory, nerve-wracking waits, and additional costs.

With the new VacciCheck, a core vaccine titer test, veterinarians can now verify their pet patient's health safety and prevent further immunization treatments. The gadget, validated against gold-standard (VN and HI) assays, provides quick, accurate, and affordable confirmation of core vaccination protection. It is suitable for both cats and dogs. Biogal is home to cutting-edge veterinary diagnostic instruments that meet all of your pet's needs. They not only protect newly adopted animals, especially those with unknown core vaccination histories but also prevent disease outbreaks in animal shelters.

Introduction to VacciCheck Antibody Titer Test
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