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For more than two decades, Bio PetActive has produced healthcare products, nutritional assistance, and supplements to support the health and safety of your pets. One of the factors contributing to the brand's leadership in the sector is its commitment to innovation and the creation of high-quality products. They offer a range of products, including supplements, pet grooming products, and remedies for different health problems that pets may experience. These products are created with all-natural materials and are intended to address common health issues in pets securely and efficiently. They offer dog joint and mobility supplements, cat digestive health supplements, and dog and cat ear cleaners.

Bio PetActive's most popular products include Bio Kitten and Bio Puppy, a nutritious kitten milk replacer and puppy milk replacer. Another Bio PetActive product that has drawn a lot of interest is the Bio Otic, an ear drop designed specifically to treat dog ear infections and cat ear infections. Eurovets offers a large selection of Bio PetActive products, including pet shampoos and cat and dog perfume spray in Dubai. Bio PetActive's products aim to assist pet owners in maintaining the health and well-being of their pets. Bio PetActive highlights the value of preventative care for animals. They also collaborate closely with veterinarians to guarantee the security and efficiency of their products.

Eurovets offers the most genuine products to veterinarians and clinics as one of the most reputable veterinary pharmaceutical and equipment suppliers In UAE and GCC.

Bio PetActive Joint Strengthening nutritional supplements are specially formulated to help our pet friends to run and play as they wish,
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“Mother of kitty could not breastfeed, we explore the Biopetactiv Kitten Milk Powder products. It is enormous now,wonderful :)”


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