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For more than two decades, Bio PetActive has been crafting care products, nutritional aids, and medical products to promote the health and safety of your pets. These include Bio Puppy, a puppy milk replacer containing all the nutrients a prematurely separated puppy requires. Cat owners will rejoice at the brand’s Catimalt Paste, a specially-formulated paste engineered to breakdown and dislodge hairballs. Both of these products and more are available at Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers.

At Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers, we strive to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible. For that reason, all of our Bio PetActive products come with the guarantee of timely delivery. Additionally, our experienced customer service department will help guide you towards the product that is right for your pet. With the dedication and expertise of our team, it should come as no surprise that we are the premier supplier of Bio PetActive products in Dubai.

Bio PetActive Joint Strengthening nutritional supplements are specially formulated to help our pet friends to run and play as they wish,
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Meet with products that we developed and produced for your pet ‘s mouth, teeth, eyes, skin, and hair.

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“Mother of kitty could not breastfeed, we explore the Biopetactiv Kitten Milk Powder products. It is enormous now,wonderful :)”


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