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Bio PetActive has been creating healthcare solutions, nutritional assistance, and supplements to promote the health and safety of your pets for more than two decades. The brand's devotion to innovation and the production of high-quality products is one of the reasons for its industry leadership. Bio PetActive's most popular products include Bio Kitten and Bio Puppy, a nutritious kitten milk replacer and puppy milk replacer. Another much talked about Bio PetActive product is the Bio Otic, a specially formulated ear drop to fight cat ear infections and dog ear infections. Both these products, along with a whole host of Bio PetActive products such as shampoos, cat and dog perfume spray in Dubai, is available with Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers along with a vast range of products.

As one of Dubai's most trusted veterinary pharmaceutical and equipment suppliers, Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers provides the most authentic goods to our veterinarians and clinics. All Bio PetActive products on our website are guaranteed to arrive on time. If you're not sure whether a product like a shampoo for dogs in Dubai, a kitten milk replacer, or a cat hairball treatment is ideal for your pet, reach out to our friendly customer support team. Our team's devotion and competence, like the brand itself, have helped us become the leading supplier of Bio PetActive products in Dubai.

Bio PetActive Joint Strengthening nutritional supplements are specially formulated to help our pet friends to run and play as they wish,
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“Mother of kitty could not breastfeed, we explore the Biopetactiv Kitten Milk Powder products. It is enormous now,wonderful :)”


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