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For over 20 years, Bio PetActive has been a trusted and reliable manufacturer of medical supplies, dietary supplements, and pet medication. Thanks to their unwavering commitment to innovation and producing top-quality products, they are widely recognized as an industry leader. Their range of all-natural products is designed to address common pet health issues safely and effectively, including grooming supplies, nutrients, and medicines. You can trust Bio PetActive to provide high-quality nutrients for your cat's digestive health, joint and mobility, and effective ear cleaners for both cats and dogs. With Bio PetActive, you can be sure your pet will receive the best care.

Pet owners worldwide have shown great enthusiasm for Bio PetActive's product range. Bio Kitten and Bio Puppy milk replacers are the most popular options for newborn kittens and puppies, respectively. Another highly sought-after product is the Bio Otic ear drops, which effectively cure ear infections in dogs and cats. Eurovets in Dubai has a wide range of Bio PetActive products, including pet shampoos, dog and cat perfume sprays, and more. Pet owners can take proactive measures to safeguard their pets' health and well-being by using these products. Bio PetActive works closely with veterinarians to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products.

Eurovets supplies genuine and reliable veterinary supplier of pharmaceuticals and equipment to pet stores, clinics, and veterinarians in the UAE and GCC regions.

Bio PetActive Joint Strengthening nutritional supplements are specially formulated to help our pet friends to run and play as they wish,
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“Mother of kitty could not breastfeed, we explore the Biopetactiv Kitten Milk Powder products. It is enormous now,wonderful :)”


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