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Being a reputed dental company, iM3 offers the latest technology veterinary dentistry solutions, such as dental machines, instruments, x-rays and dental consumables. Through immense research and innovation, iM3 has manufactured a wide selection of premium veterinary dental units, and devices to improve veterinary dental care. Through quality after-sale services and technical support prides, iM3 stands out in the market as a reliable veterinary equipment supplier. Eurovets veterinary suppliers feature over 100+ iM3 veterinary products.

Welcome to the new iM3 European Veterinarian Dental Training Facility.

"Since we purchased our iM3 GS Deluxe the quality of our dental services has improved significantly, it's simple to use, clean and provides speed and convenience - not to mention that the aftersales service is excellent”

Dr. Zenia Lazaridou, Energetic Panacea UAE