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An effective veterinary practice hygiene range widely used to keep practitioners and animals safe from disease. Eurovets is the leading F10 product supplier in Dubai. The F10® products are comprised of a hygiene and infection control - as well as topical treatments product range. Other high-performance demanding users include pharmaceutical manufacturers (sterile and non-sterile areas) and SPF laboratories. F10® products are the market leader in practice hygiene products in countries such as Australia and South Africa. Eurovets has been selected as the exclusive stockist (supplier) of this product for the last 5 years in Dubai.

F10 Germicidal Treatment Shampoo with/without insecticide | By Dr Neil Forbes.


F10 Products

"We, at Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic have worked with F10 almost 10 years are totally satisfied. It is a very effective product and very safe for our in-house patients and staff.”

Dr. Mehdi Mzabi, Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic UAE