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F10 Products offer a range of products for infection control and treatment. These include environmental disinfectants, pet treatment products, and skin and hand care products. F10 products are available for use in all animal healthcare facilities and households. Eurovets is the authorized distributor of F10 products. In the United Arab Emirates, our services are available to various market sectors, including high-performance and demanding clients such as veterinarians who specialize in caring for avian, exotic, companion, and equestrian animals. As the sole stockist of F10 Products in Dubai, Eurovets Suppliers is the name you can trust for F10 products.

Fogging Machine 2680A- II (New) series ULV Cold fogger with F10SC disinfectant


F10 Products

"We, at Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic have worked with F10 almost 10 years are totally satisfied. It is a very effective product and very safe for our in-house patients and staff.”

Dr. Mehdi Mzabi, Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic UAE