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Improve Pet Oral Health with This Fail-Proof, Practical Guide

Oct 7, 2018, 10:45 AM

As veterinary dentists, you know that the needs of your four-legged patients demand the most specialised attention. Pets that come in to your clinics have individual needs—a proof that a generic solution does not work for all of them. Every condition and every patient profile require a tailored treatment that is perfected only through years of periodontal practice.

To excel in the veterinary profession, you have to invest in continuing education and dentistry is an important field. Yes it’s back to school for everyone... not just the kids!

iM3 has developed a series of videoclips – THE OPEN UP Practical guide to improve Pet Oral Health, that you can view anytime, anywhere and which will not infringe on your hectic schedule

These films consit of a series of topics such as: 

  • Dental Health in Pets
  • Veterinary Dental Radiology
  • Local Anaesthesia Techniques
  • Simple Tooth Extraction
  • Surgical Tooth Extraction
  • Dental Equipment Features and Maintenance

Whether you are a new veterinary dentist of a seasoned professional - you will benefit fromt he Open Up Pet Oral Health guide. 

Contact us on [email protected]- to request a copy of this guide (DVD).