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How Can Supplements Help Your Dogs to Stay Healthy and Active

Sep 10, 2019, 4:12 PM

You’re going to have a hard time finding a living creature that has more energy than a juvenile dog. Once a dog leaves its puppy months and enters adulthood, it enjoys a blissful period of youth, independence, and unbridled enthusiasm. Unfortunately, as they get older, most dogs tend to lose this playfulness. In an attempt to keep their canine friends happy and healthy even in old age, many dog owners have resorted to supplements. Others are understandably reluctant to do so. While supplement skepticism is justified, it isn’t exactly necessary. Supplements can indeed help your dog maintain its vibrancy into old age. Here, we’ll be looking at the how, why, and what you should be mindful of in this article.

Supplements Can Indeed Help Your Dog

Combating Inflammation

Older dogs often suffer from inflammation and joint pain. This is also known to occur in younger dogs, especially during its autumn years. Thankfully, certain supplements can be used to combat these issues. Fish oil supplements, for example, can soothe inflammation and ease joint pain. This will allow your dog to explore freely and enjoy its old age relatively free of pain.

Maintaining Your Dog’s Coat

As a dog gets older, its coat tends to lose its shine. While this is a natural part of a dog’s life, it is something that can be delayed through the use of supplements. When included in a balanced diet, fatty acid supplements can keep your dog’s coat shining brighter for longer. You will, of course, have to stick to a regular bathing schedule to get the full benefit of such supplements.

Use Canine Supplement Only

We know this seems like a no-brainer, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You should never, under any circumstances, feed your dog supplements that are intended for humans. Dosages in human supplements tend to be far higher than those designed for dogs and could thereby result in a disaster. Additionally, human supplements may contain certain ingredients which are harmful to dogs, such as garlic.

Buy from a Recognized Brand

In the United Arab Emirates, there is no shortage of dog supplements for pet owners to choose from. However, not all of them are of high quality. Lax regulations often allow for subpar formulas to slip through the cracks. To ensure you’re feeding your dog with quality supplements, only go with those produced by reputable brands. Bio Pet Active is one such renowned brand. It has been responsible for some of the finest canine supplements in recent memory.

Consult A Vet To Be Sure If Your Dog Needs Supplements

Consult a Vet

Some dogs may have undiagnosed conditions which would be aggravated by the introduction of a supplement. For that reason, anybody considering incorporating supplements into their dog’s diet should consult a vet beforehand. Through some quick tests, your vet will be able to determine if your dog is indeed a right candidate for supplements. They may even point you towards some quality formulas to get you started!