مختبرات IDEXX
المنزل مختبرات IDEXX

مختبرات IDEXX

IDEXX offers point-of-care veterinary diagnostic products such as blood and urine chemistry, hematology, quantitative immunoassay testing, urinalysis analyzers; and rapid assays. The company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Westbrook, Maine. Together with Eurovets IDEXX has been operating in the Middle east for over a decade and is the single most widely used Laboratory equipment amongst veterinarians in the region.

IDEXX SDMA: The test that can detect kidney disease months to years earlier.
مختبرات IDEXX

"IDEXX machines are user-friendly, easy to learn how to operate, offers reliable results. The wide range of in-house tests has made easier and faster for our vets to address medical concerns without any delays. The slick-looking and compact design is an added bonus. We are very happy with IDEXX's after-sale and maintenance services".

Dr. Farah Murrani, The Veterinary Hospital UAE