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Why Giardia Is a Major Threat to Dogs, Cats and People?

Aug 9, 2021, 12:26 PM

Why Giardia Is a Major Threat to Dogs, Cats and People?

Infections are common among pets that can cause serious damage to their systems and organs. Early diagnosis and detection of any illness are important to ensure proper cure and prevention of it using reliable veterinary products in Dubai. Giardia is among the highly infectious disease found caused by a parasite that infects intestines of the pets and even humans. The excessive spreading of these parasites can heavily affect the water absorption mechanism inside the cat or dog and lead to severe effects. The major drawback of this disease is that it can’t be controlled by monthly prevention.

How Do Giardia Spread?

Although giardia infections into the human body through pets are less common, people are vulnerable to different types of giardia parasites. Pet dogs and cats can get this infection when they come in contact with the Giardia infected animal or its faeces. This contagious infection can also spread through contaminated soil as well as water. These parasites can also enter the pet’s body if they lick their body after coming in contact with any surface on which the Giardia parasites were present.

Common Symptoms

Giardia infection mainly affects intestines of the dogs or cats, and thus they start showing signs of intestinal problems, especially severe diarrhea. The infected pets may also exhibit other symptoms such as vomiting and dehydration due to a lack of water absorption into the body. They may also suffer from serious weight loss and be unable to gain weight anyhow. The furry coat on their coat may also change in appearance.

Common Symptoms

Prevention Tips

As one of the easiest ways of contracting Giardia infection is through surfaces, it is essential to keep the clinic surfaces and area clean using powerful disinfectants. Trusted veterinary suppliers such as Eurovets Dubai offers a wide range of advanced disinfectant solutions that can help make the clinic clean and hygienic. Cleaning the gloves and equipment used to treat the infected pets will also prevent cross-contamination. Infections in pets can be avoided by providing them with fresh water and a hygienic surrounding.

Snap Giardia Test for Pets

In order to provide effective treatment at the earliest, it is important to detect the infection through proper diagnosis. Snap Giardia by IDEXX supplier in Dubai is an easy antigen test to detect Giardiasis in cats and dogs. Through quick examination of the pet’s faecal matters through immunoassay, these tests help identify the presence of Giardia infection inside the animal’s body.