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Tips to Make Your Horse Lose Weight

Oct 13, 2021, 8:37 PM

Tips to Make Your Horse Lose Weight

Each body is unique, with a different set of circumstances influencing weight gain and decrease. While we do encounter rapid weight loss in horses, some tend to get overweight quickly, which can be the outcome of or the cause of various equine health issues. According to studies, ponies and most horses are prone to getting overweight, but the appropriate diet can help them lose weight and stay healthy if you get the right horse feed in Dubai and get proper Equine supplies in Dubai.

Why Are Overweight Horses at Risk?

The health of an overweight horse is jeopardized. Laminitis is a painful condition that affects the horse's limbs, and overweight horses are more likely to acquire it. They can also develop cardiovascular disease, colic, Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS), and other health problems. An overweight horse should be constantly watched and treated as soon as possible for all of these reasons.

How to Evaluate and Provide the Appropriate Diet

Every horse is different in terms of weight, breed, energy requirements, and so on. As a result, horse nutrition and the ideal diet are delicate subjects that require careful consideration utilizing the INRA tables. The most basic method is to ration so that the weight, intensity of the work required, and energy level of the whole diet, including the hay, are balanced.

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Tips for Ensuring a Horse's Weight Loss and Maintenance

  • Maintain a light ratio of concentrates with a starch contribution of 10% lower in calories than advised while increasing the work dose to keep your horse's vitamin, mineral, and trace element balanced.
  • Include forage in the diet, particularly forage taken late in the heading stage. Fibre is abundant in forages, but sugar is not.
  • Ensure that the forage your horse receives is 1.5% of the horse's body weight.
  • Soaking the hay ration before serving also contributes to a healthy diet.
  • To reduce the time, it takes for the feed to be digested, use a hay net. Your horse will absorb less straw this way because he will be occupied with his hay rations for a longer period. This will also help him digest food more quickly.
  • To minimize too much grass consumption, restrict your horse's access to pasture during certain times, lower the size of the pasture, or make him carry a basket for several hours each day.

An overweight horse may be out of shape, but he isn't out of energy. The easiest strategy to ensure horse weight loss is to keep track of his work and exercise routines while progressively increasing his work time. Exercise plus Royal Horse S250 Feed should do the trick of maintaining a healthy diet. Ensure good health of your horse with the best Equine feed-in Dubai.