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The Basic Fundamentals of Feeding Horses

Aug 31, 2023, 12:09 PM

Equestrian feeding is an essential component of horse care that has a direct impact on the health, performance, and general well-being of these amazing creatures. A full and balanced diet is essential to provide horses with the energy, strength, and vitality they require for a variety of activities, including work and leisure, as well as competitive riding. Royal Horse Feed, developed by R&D experts from all over the world and offered by Eurovets, is one of the top products that veterinarians strongly recommend. The simplest explanation of equine nutrition states that each horse should ingest a variety of nutrients, which is why Royal Horse is one of the most well-known equine feeds.

The Need for a Complete and Balanced Diet

Like humans, horses require a well-rounded diet that provides all the necessary nutrients in proportion. A complete and balanced diet is essential for several reasons:

Energy for Activities 

Horses engage in various activities, from leisurely walks to high-intensity competitions. A balanced diet ensures they receive sufficient energy to perform these activities without fatigue.

Muscle Development and Repair

Horses involved in physical activities need protein to support muscle development, repair, and overall growth. Protein is also essential for maintaining healthy hooves, skin, and hair.

Bone and Joint Health

Strong bones and good joints require an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, particularly in developing horses and those who engage in physically demanding activities.

Digestive Health 

A balanced diet promotes healthy digestion and gut function, lowering the incidence of colic and other potentially fatal digestive conditions.

Immune Mechanisms 

Vitamins and minerals are essential for maintaining a robust immune system, which aids horses in fighting off diseases and infections.

Reproductive Health 

Mares who are pregnant or nursing need more nutrients to promote the health of the mother and the foal.

Why Choose Royal Horse 

Finest Quality Products: Crafted within Quality Certified facilities adhering closely to FEI and race codes recommendations.

Infused With L-Carnitine: Enhances the conversion of fats into energy, combating fatigue effectively. It enhances muscular potency and curtails recovery duration.

Engineered with Mannan Oligo Saccharides (MOS): Prebiotics sourced from yeast cell walls, adept at harmonizing intestinal flora. This safeguards against digestive disorders, thus ensuring security during transit. They adhere to detrimental bacteria and effectuate their elimination. It reinforces the immune mechanism.

Fortified With Gastri Wall Builder (GWB): Activated by plant extracts, nurturing gastric ease. Balances stomach acidity. Fosters the growth of advantageous bacteria.

It Is Enriched with AO Elite Antioxidants: A fusion of plant-based antioxidants deliberately designed to purge toxins from athletic equines. Amplifies muscular exertion and expedites healing.

Optimal Starch Proportions: Horses are challenged in digesting substantial starch amounts due to the absence of amylase enzymes in the small intestine. Superfluous starch adversely impacts health and performance.

Enriched With Indispensable Amino Acids: Lysine, Methionine, Cysteine, and Threonine, intrinsic to sustenance as they cannot be biosynthesized.

Introduction Of Organic Selenium: Facilitating heightened bioavailability and augmented bioactivity in equine athletes.


Equestrian feeding is a fundamental aspect of horse care that directly impacts their health, performance, and overall quality of life. Horses are guaranteed to receive the nutrition they require to flourish by eating a comprehensive and balanced diet that contains grass, concentrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, oils, water, and salt. Whether the incredible creatures are participating in sports endeavors or serving as companions, maintaining their well-being requires tailoring the feeding plan based on their demands and consulting with experts.