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Knowing Kidney Diseases in Dogs for Proper Care

Nov 2, 2020, 4:41 PM

Knowing Kidney Diseases in Dogs for Proper Care

A good pet owner would always ensure proper health and hygiene of their lovely companions, especially dogs, as they are highly vulnerable to many diseases. Adequate health care with trusted veterinary products in Dubai can help maintain their health and prevent serious kidney diseases. Sufficient precaution or remedies can be implemented by clearly understanding your pet's kidney diseases and their various common symptoms.

Kidney Disease in Dogs

Although commonly seen in older dogs, kidney diseases may also occur as an aftereffect of any medication on other illnesses. Like a human, a dog's kidney performs the vital function of purifying the blood to eliminate waste and maintain metabolism. As kidney tissues do not regenerate like other canine tissues, renal diseases may lead to severe issues like kidney failure in dogs if left unnoticed. Based on their severity, kidney diseases can be broadly classified as follow:

Acute Kidney Disease

Dogs suffering from acute kidney disease may show a sudden imbalance in the kidneys' functioning over a short time. This might be caused due to various reasons such as intake of toxins, certain unsuitable medications, reduced blood flow to kidneys, and infections. Through proper treatment, a renal diet, and various health care products available from a veterinary supplier in Dubai, acute kidney diseases are sometimes curable.

Chronic Kidney Disease

It is an irreversible condition caused due to various reasons, such as hereditary conditions or another underlying disease. It develops gradually, affecting older dogs, and are often difficult to spot. It may be surprising that dental diseases also eventually can lead to chronic renal disease. If the bacteria causing dental disease reaches the dog's bloodstreams, it can cause severe damage to kidneys. Maintaining the proper oral health of your companion through various dental care products offered by veterinary suppliers like Eurovets in Dubai can help protect them from severe renal diseases.

 Maintaining proper oral health


In the case of acute renal diseases, symptoms may be exhibited immediately or within a few days. In contrast, chronic renal disease may show up symptoms over months or more extended periods. The common signs of kidney disease in dogs can be:

  1. Improper urination – Increase, decrease or blood in the urine
  2. Increased thirst
  3. Weight loss
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Vomiting
  6. Diarrhea

What is SDMA?

Although chronic renal diseases are incurable, early diagnosing, and ensuring adequate treatment at an early stage can help increase the dog's life span. Regular checkups and unique diagnoses through SDMA tests can help you know your companion's kidney condition at an early stage. SDMA, an abbreviation of symmetric dimethylarginine, is a sensitive biomarker of a kidney condition. SDMA develops much earlier to creatinine that is a waste product released during normal wear and tear of muscles.

How Can SDMA Aid Early Detection of Kidney Failure?

SDMA can indicate a reduction of GFR rates in pets, which is used to measure kidney function. SDMA is capable of showing even as low as 25% of kidney failure. As SDMA is less impacted by the pet's body conditions and age, it is a sensitive indicator that can help detect kidney failure. The SDMA test by IDEXX supplier in Dubai can help diagnose the kidney's deterioration early.