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How to choose a Cat Toothpaste

Jan 4, 2023, 12:26 PM

Keep your cat's teeth in good shape and content. Cleaning your cat's teeth is one of the trickiest tasks. Brushing your teeth with all the effort and action can be scary. Brushing your cat's teeth is crucial because failing to do so could have detrimental implications on its health. Therefore, if you're new to brushing cat teeth, try not to be intimidated; with a little experience, persistence, and our helpful advice, brushing will be simple. With the help of Oxyfresh, get the best products, including a finger brush kit and gel that makes the experience simple and fun. Choosing the proper toothpaste is more important than anything else, and this article also covers the best or optimal toothpaste for your feline friend.

Having the proper supplies is vital for any job. This could mean the difference between a lovely connection and a disaster! Before selecting a cat toothpaste and brushing your cat's teeth, read on to discover everything you need to know.

Qualities of a Cat Toothpaste to Look For

Make certain you select a toothpaste designed especially for pets. Since they cannot spit or cleanse, they may be poisonous and cause stomach problems. Even little amounts of human toothpaste shouldn't be used on cats because they could injure your pets.

Quality is always important when selecting things, especially for cat friends or pets. Make sure it contains a component that will target the bacteria in your cat's mouth. The key to keeping cats' smiles healthy and lowering their risk of gum disease is combating plaque- and germs.

Look for toothpaste with chlorine dioxide or an enzymatic composition. Of course, it's always a good idea to inquire about the dental products that your cat's physician suggests from them.

Things to Avoid in Cat Toothpaste

  • For the delicate stomachs of cats, baking soda is an absolute no-no.
  • Avoid alcohol since it might make plaque accumulation and bad breath worse.
  • SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) can seriously upset a cat's stomach.

Best Flavorless Cat Toothpaste

Vet-recommended Oxyfresh The Pet Dental Gel Toothpaste is specially designed to eliminate plaque, treat the gums, and maintain the freshness of those cat licks! Our proprietary, non-toxic blend of stabilized chlorine dioxide, called Oxygene, actively hunts down the germs that produce plaque, tartar, and bad breath. It is the key to our healthy pet smiles. It is unique to cat toothpaste. Additionally, brushing is simple because it lacks flavors and odors. Let your cat's tongue take care of the rest as you apply it to a finger toothbrush or gently rub it along your cat's gum line.

Simple Procedures for Cleaning Cats' Teeth

Remember, patience is the key to completing this task and slowly making it a routine.

Get A Toothbrush and Cat Toothpaste

You should ensure you have a cat toothbrush and cat toothpaste. Regular pet toothbrushes are frequently too big for a cat's tiny mouth. To solve the problem, get a finger brush. Oxyfresh offers a finger brush kit that is highly recommended.

Establish A Schedule

Get your cat used to having your finger in its mouth in the weeks before brushing. Rub your finger along the teeth and gums after dabbing it in your cat's preferred water treat.

Right Positioning

It's simplest to brush your cat when they're looking away from you. As you peel up the top lip to reveal the teeth, hold your cat in place and gently bend its head.

Brushing Method

Brush your cat's teeth in circular motions at the gum line while being gentle and patient. Just pay attention to the outermost portion of the teeth because this is where plaque and tartar buildup occurs. Work for as long as half a minute per side.

Treat for Good Behaviour

After brushing your cat's teeth, offer them a treat even if it doesn't go smoothly. Your cat will develop a good association with brushing thanks to this.

Brush your cat's teeth at least three times weekly to prevent plaque and tartar accumulation. This is the best scenario if you can gradually transition to brushing every day. However, imagine you need help getting your cat to comply. In that situation, Oxyfresh additionally provides a water additive for cats that aid in treating periodontal disease, promoting gum health, and strengthening teeth. They have the freshest breath because of it, and it safely and effectively removes plaque and tartar while maintaining the health of their gums.