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Holistic Methods of Horse Care

Dec 20, 2022, 12:07 PM

The ideal way to develop a natural horse care regimen for your Horse is to let them play with companions, provide as much time as possible for turnout and use nutrition as the basis for problem-solving. You can look at a variety of natural horse products that are available on the market. But beware of deceptive labels. The terms "natural" and "organic" are not always accurate. Royal Horse feed is one of the brands that nutritionists highly suggest.

To help clients' horses with issues that can be handled by converting to a healthy, nutrition-first approach, a global company named Royal Horse has been doing so. Easily available through Eurovets veterinary suppliers in Dubai, Royal Horse's primary objective is to keep horses as close to their original conception as is humanly possible. To stay healthy and active, horses need to eat a particular. To achieve this, Royal Horse in Dubai produced an ultra-premium horse feed product! The performance of horses in all equestrian sports and disciplines will be enhanced by their distinctive product line, developed by recognized nutritionists and veterinarians. Each Royal Horse product is made in factories that follow the best production practices and have attained the highest levels of accreditation internationally. Here are a few tips and methods for better and holistic horse care.


Allow Natural Movement and Activity

Horses cover roughly 32 kilometers daily while merely looking for food and water. It takes more than an hour of daily riding to exert this much energy. The most important aspect of a healthy life for your Horse is turnout. Studies show that horses with free turnout are far less likely to develop ulcers or other digestive problems. Additionally, the constant action promotes circulation, which keeps your Horse healthy and speeds up the recovery process.

Grazing in Nature

Horses should graze for one to fourteen hours per day. Rarely do they skip a meal for more than an hour or two; this usually happens when they sleep or move about. Horses were not intended to consume substantial meals regularly because they are prey animals. To provide a more natural feeding schedule, ensure your Horse gets a meal high in fiber from Royal Horse in addition to natural grazing, if only for a brief time. Because it increases the ability of fats to be turned into energy and fights fatigue, L-carnitine is included as a supplement. It boosts muscular power and expedites healing. Based on plant extracts, the active ingredient in Gastric Wall Builder (GWB) helps enhance stomach comfort by balancing acidity. Encourages the growth of good microorganisms. With constant access to hay or grass, your Horse's digestive system will benefit greatly since it will create enough saliva to coat its stomach with anti-acid and provide healthy bacteria for the hind intestine.

No Metal Shoes

Metal shoes stop the frog and hoof from dynamically adapting and impede blood flow. A horse will always be healthier if it can go barefoot with the right nutrition and care than metal shoes. Horses' hearts have to work hard due to gravity forces and the length of their legs. To relieve pressure on the heart, the frog in the hoof functions as a little pump. Blood is forced back up the leg with each step.

Healthy Playtime and Interaction

Due to their high levels of sociality, horses require a lot of stimuli to remain content and happy. It is shown that socializing improves a horse's mental health, and you'll also notice that high-strung tendencies in the saddle and off it improves when they have adequate excitement and entertainment throughout the day. Young horses, in particular, should be permitted to run around and play since it teaches them about bounds and authority.

A Holistic Approach to Nutrition

Royal Horse, which comes highly recommended, is one of the top global companies known for its genuine, successful, and tested formula feed. When you encounter problems, reassess your feeding plan to help your Horse lead a healthy lifestyle. Have a veterinarian or a nutritionist assist you since you want to do this correctly. However, with adequate and healthful eating, many minor ongoing issues can be easily treated or avoided. Here are a few examples:

Royal Horse B-150: Breeding

The L-carnitine content of B-150 is high. It is the perfect dietary supplement for building and keeping the strong muscles needed by endurance horses. Additionally, helpful for enhancing horse fertility, the supplement aids in the growth of the foal. Prebiotics in this recipe prevents various intestinal problems that pregnant mares frequently face.

Royal Horse H-350: High-Revealing Excellence

The H-350 is a supplement that contains Omega 3 to achieve the ideal Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio and is designed for competitive ponies and endurance horses. It not only increases the animal's endurance but also promotes a quicker recovery. L-carnitine, antioxidants, and pre-biotics are added to this horse feed in addition to omega fatty acids to aid with digestion.

S-250: Sustained Special Summer Mix

Certain feed ingredients may harm your Horse's health if it has an extremely sensitive stomach. For instance, the presence of oats may result in weariness and gastrointestinal problems. Formula S-250 from Royal Horse is oat-free. It uses fodder to encourage a healthy digestive system. Antioxidants make a guarantee that muscle recovery and growth happen quickly.

Amongst other products manufactured in quality certified facilities as per FEI and race code recommendations.

Guidelines for Establishing an Ideal Horse Boarding

Run-In Booths

Run-in alternatives are now built into stalls in modern, high-quality barns. Adding fencing to the back of your Horse's stall is all necessary. The distance between their booth and the run-in allows them to move freely. It's also reasonably priced.


Open-air barn designs greatly influence the mental and physical well-being of your horses. Low ceilings and inadequate lighting can also make horses depressed. Dusty barns with poor ventilation can also cause breathing problems like heaves. Your horses will remain healthy and content if you let fresh air into every stall and use doors with the best airflow.

Ambient Lighting

No matter how opulent a stall you can construct, pasture-focused living has several significant benefits that shouldn't be understated in terms of quality of life. Horses adore calm, placid lifestyles. A horse in a pasture can decide how near the activity center they wish to be. Additionally, they adapt to the changing seasons and light, which helps control hormones.