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Here's Why Horses Might Need an Extra Boost

Aug 31, 2023, 12:02 PM

Horses are majestic animals renowned for their power, grace, and adaptability. Whether companions, working animals, or athletes, horses need the right diet and care to stay healthy and perform well. While maintaining a balanced diet is important, there are times when adding an extra dose of vitamins is necessary. Veterinarians advise adding equine supplements, notably those made by Equi4s, which are well-known globally and don't contain unnecessary fillers. Equi4S prioritizes consistency, quality, palatability, and safety when creating its products. These products are well-formulated and provide several advantages, from improved gastrointestinal health to muscle growth. The reasons why horses need an extra boost, the significance of vitamins, and the significant vitamins necessary to ensure their general well-being are all covered in this article.


The Need for a Boost in Strength

Like all other animals, horses have certain dietary needs based on age, breed, degree of activity, and general health. The typical diet frequently needs to meet these requirements, resulting in inadequacies affecting a horse's vitality, performance, and quality of life. An equine vitamin boost may be required for a variety of reasons:

Physical Demands

Horses engaged in strenuous activities such as racing, show jumping, or heavy work require additional nutrients to support their increased energy expenditure and muscle development.

Young and Growing Horses

Foals and young horses experience rapid growth and development, necessitating extra vitamins for proper bone, muscle, and organ formation.

Health Conditions 

Horses recovering from illness, injury, or surgery may require enhanced nutrition to aid healing and boost their immune system.

The Importance of Vitamins

Vitamins are organic compounds vital in various physiological processes within a horse's body. They are necessary to maintain overall health, foster growth, support immune system function, promote digestion, and ensure that metabolic processes are carried out as they should. Vitamins function as coenzymes, supporting several enzymatic processes necessary for preserving the health of the horse.

Products from Equi4s Veterinarians 

SandGo 4S

A formulation to help horses in need. There is 100% psyllium husk powder in SandGo 4S. Psyllium is a fiber that supports the elimination of obstructions in the digestive tract since it has eight times the swelling and absorption capacity of brain.

Blood Builder 4S

A supplement that includes iron, folic acid, copper, vitamin B12, and other necessary ingredients to help horses achieve a balanced blood profile.

Red Power Plus Paste 4S

It promotes better blood circulation, helps decrease muscular exhaustion, and stimulates the synthesis of adequate muscle energy (ATP).

Top Perform 4S

Prepares sports horses for training and competition in excellent condition. It helps to maintain the horse's health, gives it more energy, and can improve stamina and muscle growth. Beneficial during recovery periods and aids the horse's return to top performance.

Lacta 4S

A unique supplement made especially for competitive and racing horses that contains the active elements required for the athlete to perform at their peak level while maintaining top speed and endurance without using illegal medications.

Back R. 4S

A special food supplement including plant extracts, hydrolyzed collagen, glucosamine, and vitamins.

Muscle Plus 4S

By ensuring the quick availability of those vital nutrients known to reduce during intense training, Muscle Plus was created to help the equine athlete during their training.

Balancing the Diet

A balance must be struck between needing more vitamins and avoiding over-supplementation, which might have unfavorable consequences or imbalances. You must consult a veterinarian or equine nutritionist to ascertain your horse's needs and develop a personalized supplementing strategy.


Great horses need the proper nutrition and care to stay healthy and happy. While a nutritious diet is the cornerstone of their well-being, there are specific situations that necessitate an extra vitamin boost. The function of the immune system, growth, and general health depend on vitamins, which are also necessary for many physiological activities. Horses can perform their best, stay healthy, and have full lives if the right vitamins are given to them in the right proportions. Eurovets, a renowned distributor of veterinary products in Dubai and the GCC, provide the greatest veterinary products from international brands like Equi4s.