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Five Warning Signs of Dog Dehydration

Aug 4, 2021, 2:09 PM

Five Warning Signs of Dog Dehydration

Pet care involves keeping the dogs safe and healthy by all means. Dehydration can pose a major risk to canine health, leading to severe conditions like kidney failure in dogs. The amount of water intake required daily in pet dogs depends on their body weight, like a dog weighing around 33 pounds requires 1 litre of water a day. However, in highly active dogs and an increase in atmospheric heat thrice, this amount may be required. Water plays a major role in activating various chemical processes and ensures proper metabolism within the dog’s body. The following symptoms occur if the dogs are dehydrated.

Low Energy

The energy level is quickly impacted due to the insufficiency of water in the body. An unusual decrease inactiveness and energy of the dog may be an effect of dehydration and should be remedied quickly.

Decrease in Skin Elasticity

The water content in the dog’s body is also responsible for maintaining the elasticity of its skin. On holding and leaving a fold of skin, if it stays in the grabbed shape for few moments, then this may indicate a lack of water content in the dog’s body.

Pale colour, Dryness And Stickiness in Gums

The gums in the canine mouth can be a good indicator to check it lacks hydration. A healthy dog’s gums should be pink and moist. Instead, if the gums tend to be dry, sticky and pale in colour, they are a serious indication of dehydration. By adding certified products such as Oxyfresh water additive for dogs, the canine oral health will be improved along with the hydration process.

Dry Nose and Eyes

Dry Nose and Eyes

Apart from the dog breeds with dry noses, dryness of nose among other dogs than usual have wet ones indicating lack of water content. The same lack of wetness may also occur around the eyes.

Heavy Panting

Dogs can get easily dehydrated by just losing around three to five per cent of the body water level. This may occur after various activities like an excessive exercise in a hot climate. A dog may pant heavily in its initial stage of dehydration.

Hydrating the dog at proper intervals with clean water is important to avoid dehydration and its severe impacts. A severely dehydrated dog may show serious signs such as sunken eyes, low pulse rate and shivering. Dog water fountains are an easy method to keep them hydrated. Water can also help maintain the oral health of the dogs. Premium veterinary products in Dubai, such as Oxyfresh pet dental water additive, is an easy-to-use and odourless solution to make the water an effective method to treat tartar and plaque formation.