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Effective Tips to Treat Cat Bad Breath

Sep 15, 2021, 6:44 PM

Effective Tips to Treat Cat Bad Breath

Breath speaks a lot about the oral health of the pet, especially in the case of cats. A foul smell from the cat’s mouth can be a warning sign of various periodontal diseases. Lack of proper treatment at an early stage may lead to serious illnesses that can deteriorate the feline healthy and quality of life. Before moving towards solutions for bad breath in cats, we first need to understand the root cause of it, plaque buildup. While plaque removal is much easier, without regular oral care, it may turn into a harder tartar form. Tartar formation under the gum line can lead to various infections and other serious illnesses in cats. The following measures can help in maintaining your cat’s oral health:

Cat Water Additives

A regular oral care routine is the first step towards saving the cat from tartar formation. Brushing it's teeth may take a while, and some feline friends are reluctant to do it. Clinically proven solutions such as Oxyfresh dental care water additive are ideal for ensuring regular dental care for the cat. Simply add Oxyfresh premium pet dental care solution to your feline’s fountain or drinking water bowl to treat plaque effectively.

Dental Treats

Along with daily dental care with Oxyfresh water additive, you can support their oral health with dental treats. While choosing a dental treat for your furry companion, you should be careful to pick one with low carbs and more plaque-fighting enzymes. However, these treats are only meant to be a supplementary method for fighting plaque.

Dental Treats

Dental Sprays

Veterinary supplier in Dubai offers various dental sprays to freshen up your cat’s breath. These branded dental spray solutions contain different natural and non-toxic ingredients that can effectively neutralize bad breath and clean the cat’s teeth and gums.

Special Diets

Careful planning of the cat’s diet is also a gradual but powerful step towards fighting feline bad breath. Pick more high-protein foods and real fresh meat for your cats, along with a lot of water, which will also avoid dehydration problems. Dryness in the mouth due to dehydration also leads to bad breath.

Get Good Veterinarian Help

Finally, but most importantly, an appointment with a veterinarian will help you maintain your cat’s health. As bad breath may also indicate serious illness like feline diabetes, liver problems or even kidney diseases, it is essential to get professional aid before its late. Through routine examinations using complex medical equipment, veterinarians identify the root cause of bad breath and treat them on time.