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Easy Dog Bad Breath Remedy

Sep 4, 2023, 6:32 PM

Paw parents frequently lament that their furry children have terrible breath. While parents enjoy cuddling and kissing their furry children, foul breath can be unappealing. Bad breath can occasionally be a sign of more serious problems. Fortunately, using dog mouthwash can help your dog's oral health and freshen up their breath quickly and easily. Thanks to Oxyfresh, animals have been grinning and living happier, healthier lives for almost 35 years. The finest of science and nature combine to create these safe, eco-friendly solutions. The outcomes are consistently outstanding, reliable, and observable. They always work with reputable labs to ensure their goods are always non-toxic, safe, and effective. Learn more about the Oxyfresh water additive, the best-kept dental hygiene secret for dogs.


Easy Dog Bad Breath Remedy

How Does It Work

With their proprietary component, Oxygene, Oxyfresh covers up odors and eliminates them at their source. The active, unique ingredient in Oxyfresh, known as Oxygene (stabilized chlorine dioxide), safely and effectively neutralizes bad breath molecules at their source. Oxygene's method of action involves an oxidation-reduction process. It works by oxidizing volatile Sulphur compounds, which are odor-causing chemicals. As the pH of the surroundings is decreased, Oxygene is activated. The acidity of the saliva activates Oxygene when it is placed in the oral cavity. The solution becomes more active with the lower salivary pH. The environment becomes more acidic the more bacteria there are in it. Additionally, the activation and effectiveness increase the longer the solution is in touch with the oral tissues.

The Simplest Quick Fix: Oxyfresh Oral Care

Don't hold your breath and hope the issue will go away if your dog has a deathly breath odor. Not at all! Gum disease, which affects 90% of dogs by age two, frequently exhibits its early symptoms as bad dog breath. The good news is that gum disease can be reversed in its early stages. If you are a dog owner, Oxyfresh Oral Care for your pet is a simple and effective solution to help your pet's teeth, gums, and breath. Providing water additives or a gel and finger kit for those who lack time.

Its Non-Toxic

The ultimate foul breath remover is a bright, non-toxic component available only in Oxyfresh's ground-breaking dental solutions. In some Oxyfresh dental hygiene products, a special and proprietary combination of Oxygene and zinc acetate has been added, delivering an even stronger deodorizing effect. Pharmaceutically speaking, zinc is secure and useful in dental care goods. Even severe cases of halitosis can be successfully treated thanks to the interaction between zinc and oxygene, which helps remove more of the compounds that produce bad breath.

No Taste

Numerous dog formula water additives frequently contain flavors or odors like beef brisket and meat that make dogs immediately turn their noses up at them. The Oxyfresh Water Additive is a refreshingly unique product from Eurovets Dubai. It contains no additives, flavors, or perfumes and is non-toxic. Add a capful to their water bowl each day, and because it has no taste, your dog won't even notice it is there.


The Simplest Quick Fix: Oxyfresh Oral Care

What Is the Best Remedy for Dog Bad Breath?

The item with the best reviews is Oxyfresh Water Additive, sometimes known as dog mouthwash. It successfully eliminates plaque and tartar, which have a foul smell and resemble dog breath and reduces the need for professional dental cleanings, which is why people prefer it and dogs also enjoy it! This veterinary-recommended, USA-made product lacks tastes, xylitol, colors, and scents.