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Common Pet Allergies and Symptoms

May 4, 2022, 1:27 PM

Common Pet Allergies and Symptoms

Like any other health condition, allergies can affect your dogs as well. If you have pets or are a paw parent, you may need professional assistance or consult with a veterinarian to determine what's causing your pet allergies. While humans can readily speak, pets cannot, so it is our responsibility to assess whether or not your paw pal or animal suffers from allergies. It may appear unusual, but it is not.

While we know that pets can develop allergies, establishing whether your dog, cat has one necessitates a diagnosis based on symptoms, which can be difficult to discern. However, using a Nextmune spot platinum allergy test, you can quickly determine whether your pet friends have allergies. You may say goodbye to all your problems because Eurovets make it easily and extensively available at veterinary clinics in the Middle East market. Here's how you can help your pet from suffering.

Allergy Types

The first step is to see if your pet has allergy symptoms and then determine which allergens it may be exposed to. The three most prevalent pet allergies are separated into three groups depending on their symptoms, making it easy to link causes to symptoms.


Anything to do with rashes, hair loss, or fur-related disorders caused by allergens falls into skin allergies.


Diet allergies occur when pets become ill, have diarrhea, or have digestive difficulties due to a change or introduction to a new food.


Seasonal variations that cause issues can all be traced back to an allergy to the environment.

Symptoms for Allergy

There are a few common indicators to show your pet is having issues. Scratching, rashes, soreness, puffiness around the head and face, indigestion, nausea, irritated ears, watering of the eyes, frequent licking, or recurring ear infections are fundamental factors for tell-tale symptoms. However, it is important to confirm with a spot allergy testing one of the easily available at veterinary clinics across UAE.

Symptoms for Allergy

Food Allergy

Food allergies can be difficult to diagnose because they can develop as skin allergies with just surface-level symptoms. Ear infections, gastro issues, indigestion, incontinence, puking, and other symptoms are most prevalent. An immune response drives food allergy in pets.

Skin Allergy

A skin allergy, such as intense flea eczema, is easily identifiable because it causes skin irritation that might be dry and crusty or swollen and bloated. Your pet will be in obvious agony and repeatedly lick or nuzzle the affected area, possibly resulting in hair loss or fur problems. Your pet's skin allergy may aggravate them and create open lesions that scar them.


Allergies are fairly prevalent and recurrent; thus, they must be taken seriously. The veterinarian can readily diagnose it by doing Nextmune allergy testing, which are conveniently accessible through Eurovets Dubai.