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The atopic patient in the clinic, how would you approach it? - Webinar

Date:  15th March 2022

Time: from 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Venue: Online

Audience: Companion segment: Veterinarians and Nurses

Price: AED 0

Dr. Ana Maria Boncea, DVM Dip. ECVD

Dr. Boncea graduated in Bucharest, Romania in 2011 and worked in her own private practice before completing a residency in veterinary dermatology at the University of Nantes, Oniris, in 2018. Under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Bourdeau Dip. ECVD, she has become a board-certified Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology since 2021.
Together with her partner Dr. Elisa Badulescu DVM, Res. ECVD, they created in 2021 a specialist practice in Bucharest, ArtVetDerm. 

Other professional activities – Co-founder of Hemopet (blood bank for companion animals), Co-founder of Romanian Society of Veterinary Dermatology, Co-founder of Romanian Society of Veterinary Oncology, Founder of VetDermTherapy. 
Her main research interests are allergies and autoimmune diseases. 

We are excited to announce Nextmune's first webinar in English for 2022 and you have been invited!

This virtual lecture will take place on Tuesday, March 15th 2022. The speaker guest Dr. Ana Maria Boncea will give an informative online presentation on the topic: "The atopic patient in the clinic, how would you approach it?"

 Tune in at 9:30 PM GST to learn how to diagnose and treat atopic dermatitis in small animals. Dr. Boncea will go into detail about how to spot the signs of atopic dermatitis in your patients, as well as the various treatments you can give them and their results.

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Eurovets is excited to have Dr. Ana Maria Boncea conducting this webinar and share her knowledge and broad experience with our Companion customers here in the UAE.