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MARKETING DENTISTRY - 5 Steps to Becoming a Guru!

Date:  2nd June 2020

Time: from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Venue: Online

Audience: Companion segment: Veterinarians and Nurses

Price: AED 0

Presented by Dr Gary Turnbull 

Over the 5 webinar series, Gary will share proven strategies and systems that he and his team have refined over the past 10 years to create one of the busiest dental services in Australian general practice. Gary is a director of the Lincoln Institute and of East Port Veterinary Hospital, a muti-award winning and Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association accredited Hospital. He is a highly recognised and respected coach, speaker and facilitator in the fields of veterinary practice management and leadership, veterinary business models and life balance strategies.

Free 5 Webinar series on MARKETING   DENTISTRY - 5 Steps to Becoming a Guru!

Presented by: Dr Gary Turnbull BVSc (Hons) 

The 5 webinars will be presented LIVE via Zoom and registrants will also gain access to the webinar recordings via the iM3 website after the event.

Webinar Dates & Agenda:

12th May 2020 - Small Animal Dentistry…Getting your team Onboard!

Driving cultural change within your veterinary practice can be a challenging & frustrating exercise. People often resist change and while they say one thing, they often do another. In this webinar we will explore how to get all of your team ‘singing from the same song sheet’ when it comes to dentistry and successfully execute lasting change.

19th May 2020 - Dental Economics…It’s a no-brainer!

Dentistry represents one of the biggest opportunities for most small animal practices both in terms of patient outcomes AND financial performance. In this presentation we will uncover the typically missed opportunities and the financial potential they bring.

26th May 2020 - Mindset…Valuing Your Dental Work Well

Research suggests that veterinarians as a community struggle with a sense of self-worth and are notoriously bad at valuing their expertise, services and themselves! We will present three fundamental adjustments to one’s mindset in this webinar that will profoundly change results with ALL conversations pertaining to dentistry.   

2nd June 2020 - Selling” Dentistry without Fear or Guilt (Part 1)

Ask any vet whether they entered the profession because they wanted a career in sales and you hear a resounding ‘NO’. Ironically, it doesn’t take too long to realise that as a clinician you sell…..all day, every day! In this webinar we will share the hints, tip and tricks that have been proven over many years to get clients to a ‘yes’ with your dental recommendations.

9th June 2020 - “Selling” Dentistry without Fear or Guilt (Part 2)

It’s all well and good when your client gives your dental recommendations the tick of approval. But what about when they say ‘no’? In this final module we will highlight the typical objections raised by pet owners and how to successfully address them. We will also share a handful of ‘killer’ scripts that will change your clients perception every time!