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Haematology essentials 1- RBC and platelets (Webinar)

Date:  6th July 2021

Time: from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Venue: Online

Audience: Companion segment: Veterinarians and Nurses

Price: AED 0

Dr Pallvi Vats

Dr. Pallvi Vats graduated in Veterinary Sciences from Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary University , Jabalpur.  Her love of animals began early in life during her childhood days and throughout her five years of vet school, she donated her time to animal care helping to spay, neuter, and provide medical care to hundreds of homeless animals through various NGOs. She practiced small animal veterinary medicine in Chandigarh before joining IDEXX in Jan,2020.

The first in a two-part series to guide you on interpreting your CBC result.  What do all the different numbers mean and how to decide on the next steps to take.  Real life cases to show how to get the most from a haematology report.


  • 3:00 PM (UAE) 
  • 2:00 PM (Bahrain)

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Eurovets is excited to have Dr. Vats conducting this webinar and share her knowledge and broad experience with our Companion customers here in the GCC.