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Clinical cases in internal medicine for small animals

Date:  8th May 2018

Time: from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Venue: Raddison Blu, Business Bay

Audience: Companion animal segment- Vets & Nurses

Price: AED 100

About the speaker: Dr. Chang has a background as a clinician in exotic pet medicine, later she received her PhD working with diagnostic tests development and infectious disease studies. After her PhD, she focused on the training of clinical pathology, while remaining closely involved with the clinical side of veterinary medicine in small animals. Her unique background with training in diagnostic sciences and strong interests in the clinical perspective of disease progression has made her a very popular speaker for clinicians.

Seminar - Clinical cases in Internal medicine for small animals.

Focus on new diagnostic tools in renal evaluation, systematic inflammation and Minimum Data Base.

Seminar topics include:
SDMA and RENAL evaluation.
✔︎ What are we evaluating with CREA, BUN?
✔︎ What is SDMA and how does this change the Dx? (case studies included)
✔︎ What is the new CKD picture with SDMA?
Complete assessment of systematic inflammation:  Clinical application of CRP and Procyte Dot-Plot evaluation.
✔︎ How do we evaluate inflammation and clinical animals?
✔︎ Why Leukogram indicate inflammation? And How to use them.
✔︎ What is CRP? And how CRP can be used to compensate the limitation of leukogram.
✔︎ Cases of how CRP changes the picture of Dx and management.
A Guide to systematic evaluation of Chemistry profiles
✔︎ Concept of chemistry interpretation
✔︎ MDB & Organ system approach evaluation (introduction of each organ system)
✔︎ Case studies to exercise the system approach, and learn the limitation of single tests
PROCYTE methodology & Clinical utilization – Common finding with Red and White blood cell Dot-Plots
✔︎ Differential of anemia and advantage of dot-plot interpretation with case example.