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Double Your Dentistry - Virtual Workshop

Date:  18th February 2021

Time: from 2:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Venue: Online

Audience: Companion segment: Veterinarians and Nurses

Price: AED 5670

Dr Anthony Caiafa , Consultant in Veterinary Dentistry - James Cook University
Dr Anthony Caiafa is one of only a handful of veterinarians globally that have degrees in both Veterinary Science and Human Dentistry. He was a senior lecturer and consultant in companion animal dentistry at University of Melbourne from 2000 till 2008. He has lectured /chaired workshops in all aspects of Veterinary Dentistry throughout Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Asia and USA. He will cover the technical side of dentistry in real time.

Dr Sam Bowden, Accelerate Business Academy
Dr Sam Bowden is a leading international veterinary business coach. He has been giving vet business owners all over the world the mindset and strategies to increase profit by an average 150% a year for the last 15 years. He will show you how to shift your team’s mindset toward dentistry.

Lisa Scheepers , Port Adelaide Veterinary Clinic
Lisa Scheepers is the business manager of one of the highest performing practices in Australia. She will show you how to incorporate your dental technical skills into a complete dental program that creates consistency of standards of care which generates a huge amount of profit.

On 18th Feb 2021, IM3 is bringing together world class experts to give you the three components necessary to offer “Gold Standard Dentistry” in your practice.

Competence - the technical knowledge to tackle all dentistry from a basic scale and polish through to a complicated canine extraction. This will include showing you how to use the right equipment to get the best results.

Confidence - to properly diagnose, discuss with clients and treat disease.

Consistency - a program that all the team follow to deliver consistent standards of care to all patients.

This is  a virtual event which you can access this anywhere in the world without leaving home and your whole team can join in under the single practice registration.


Option1: Practice registration for the day. $1500 AUD plus GST. You’ll get an access code to share with your team so you can all join in.

Option 2: Practice registration plus edited “Double Your Dentistry” Program recording so you have your own Dental Workshop to refer to whenever you wish. Very useful for:

  • Those who miss the live day to get them on the same page. 
  • A leveraged training program for new team member FOREVER. 
  • A quick revision before doing a tricky extraction
  • ​Assisting with training team members in dental radiology, descale and polishing and marketing dentistry. $2000 plus GST.

Buy the full day event and the edited “Double Your Dentistry” Program for $2000 AUD to watch in your own time zone.

At Eurovets, we represent leading multi-national brands in nutrition, veterinary equipment, medicines and consumables for companion-, equine and production animals. In addition to traditional wholesale, Eurovets provides warehousing, distribution, CPD training, webinars, marketing and sales resources in order to support these products in the region. 

Eurovets is excited to have Dr. Caiafa, Dr. Bowden & Ms. Scheepers conducting this webinar and share their knowledge and broad experience with our customers here in the UAE.