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Why Using Antibody Testing Kits Is Crucial

Jan 9, 2023, 9:17 AM

It might be unclear for many pet parents to decide whether to titer or directly vaccinate their pets. On the one hand, dog owners and parents are becoming more watchful and cautious about providing their dogs with a long and healthy life. On the other hand, global companies are creating rapid and innovative products, foods, meals, medical equipment, and more that would help with this. Antibody testing as a standard vaccination process for detecting a dog's or cat's immunization status should be considered, even if immunizations are certainly required to protect the health of one's pet canines and cat companions. Eurovets, the leading veterinary supplier in Dubai, is one of the top brands for all medical and fitness items from the best worldwide firms today. The Biogal VacciCheck antibody kit from Eurovets is one of the most popular solutions for antibody testing. Even though a fairly common antibody test recommendation before immunization is currently rarely followed by veterinarians, its significance must be addressed. Here's why antibody testing is essential.

Why Using Antibody Testing Kits Is Crucial

Why Is It Important to Check Your Pet's Immunization Status?

Some pets may develop chronic vomiting or diarrhea, a severe cough, hives, and swelling, even to the point of collapsing. In contrast, most pets experience localized discomfort and swelling at the vaccine site, a minor temperature, and typically a decreased appetite and activity.

Additionally, it's important to be wary of over-vaccination because vaccines contain excipients, including adjuvants like aluminum, preservatives, stabilizers, and residual trace chemicals. Nevertheless, few veterinarians truly adhere to this process, leading to over-vaccinating cats and dogs. However, you can believe that everything is OK and that safeguards are sufficient. Pets are more likely to vaccinate over, but the booster shot is where most canines have experienced negative responses and serious side effects. Puppies who have recently finished their initial vaccine series, dogs who have had a negative reaction to immunizations in the past, dogs who have health issues or unclear vaccination histories, dogs who have recently encountered an outbreak in a shelter, and more. In these circumstances, dogs will get booster vaccinations that may not protect them.

The Statistics

According to a recent study, a booster vaccine did not protect at least one in twenty-five canines. It was also found that in the face of sterilizing immunity, giving a dog with active immunity a modified-live virus vaccine "booster" has no advantage. It is crucial to test the pet's antibodies following the initial core vaccine series since illness development and vaccine failure is most likely to occur in the first year of life. Antibody testing of this population is crucial for preventing the avoidable scenario of a patient who appears to be fully immunized but is not.

The VacciCheck Is the Protagonist in The Story

The VacciCheck Is the Protagonist in The Story

The VacciCheck enters the picture at this point. This is widely utilized in shelters where parvovirus or distemper outbreaks are occurring. The quickest turnaround time for results is the biggest benefit. Quick protection assessment enables shelter staff to manage and relocate dogs, sparing lives and resources accurately. Biogal VacciCheck can also be carried out in a medical environment as the patient and owner wait for the results.

To Sum Up

Antibody testing must become a standard of care in veterinary clinics to increase client confidence, reduce practitioner risk, and advance the overall objective of pet health and immunity to the main viruses.