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Why Should You Take Dog Tartar Seriously?

Jun 26, 2021, 4:18 PM

Why Should You Take Dog Tartar Seriously

Pet care involves various methods to maintain your dog clean and healthy to improve their life. Preventing tartar formation on the dog’s teeth is fundamental to avoid various periodontal diseases. Getting your furry companion acquainted with tooth brushing and dental care procedures can be quite difficult. Without a proper understanding of tartar formation, you will not be able to save your dogs from it. Here’s all you need to know about dog tartar and its prevention.

What Causes Tartar Build-up in the Dog’s Mouth?

The root cause of tartar development lies in food remnants left in the dog’s mouth after every meal. The dog’s teeth get covered with plaque that mixes with its saliva to become hard over time. This eventually leads to tartar buildup that is yellowish and brown in colour and found over the dog’s teeth and gums. At the plaque stage, dental care using reliable veterinary products in Dubai can be easily performed at home. However, you might need professional help for removing dog tartar efficiently.

How Can Dog Tartar Turn Dangerous?

Although plaque and tartar inside your pet’s mouth might not seem a serious affair, it can lead to severe gum diseases that can even be fatal. Gingivitis or gum inflammation can be an indication of worsening conditions. If you experience bad breath and a stinky smell from your pet dog’s mouth, it might be an indication of gingivitis. Making things more serious, bacteria from this tartar can also enter into the dog’s blood through gums and thus affect their various organs.

Cost Of Professional Dog Tartar Removal

Pet care can generally be quite expensive, right from their appropriate food items, treats to professional healthcare solutions. If severe tartar buildup over the dog’s teeth, you are highly recommended to visit a professional veterinary clinic near you. The professionals will carefully perform tartar removal using modern machinery and ensure perfect cleaning as well as polishing of the dog’s teeth. The cost of tartar removal from a veterinary will mainly depend on various factors such as location, dog breed, and case severity.

Tips To Soften Tartar In Your Pet Dog’s Mouth

Tips To Soften Tartar In Your Pet Dog’s Mouth

In case of tartar formation, you can soften it using simple tips at home, such as giving them raw bones and dental treats. While your dog will be enjoying chewing on the treats, it will efficiently supplement ineffective tartar removal. You can also use Oxyfresh premium pet dental care solutions such as Oxyfresh Water Additive to further improve the process. In the case of your naughty pet dogs, the easier the dental care method more effective it will be. You can apply Oxyfresh pet dental gel to the dog’s teeth and gumline to prevent tartar formation.