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Why Cat Water Additive Is Best for Dental Care?

Apr 28, 2021, 5:50 PM

Why Cat Water Additive Is Best For Dental Care?

An independent nature and self-cleaning habits make maintaining cats easy. However, dental and oral cleanliness is where your feline companions need your help. Dental care of pets is of utmost importance as it can act as a primary source for various feline diseases. Special dental solutions like water additives available with any reliable veterinary supplier in Dubai can help secure your cats' oral health and improve their life span. But why use a branded water additive like Oxyfresh premium pet dental care solution?

Convenient Than Brushing

Tooth brushing is the golden rule for pet dental care. However, using it for your cats can be a little difficult without getting them acquainted with the brushing habit by starting it at a younger age or creating a positive association with dental treats. To avoid weight gain due to dental treats, cat water additives can be an effective dental care treatment. It will also clean the cat's gums and teeth without any fuss or scratches.

Tasteless and Odorless Solution

On adding a flavored pet care solution to your cat's water, often they might refuse to have it. Some mint-flavored products also cause serious health issues like stomach aches and lethargy. Oxyfresh water additive has been carefully manufactured as an odor-free and flavor-free solution to provide healthy and safe dental care to your cats.

Effective Plaque Removal

Effective Plaque Removal

Plaque formation can't be fully avoided as it develops naturally on the cat's teeth after every meal. Without regular proper dental care, the plaque may get converted into harder tartar that attracts bacteria and germs, causing inflammation on the gums. These inflammations can further escalate to serious periodontal diseases or other organ malfunction without proper treatments as the bacteria may enter their bloodstream. The special oxidizing agent, Oxygene, in the Oxyfresh pet dental water additive can help avoid plaque formation and improve the cat's health effectively.

Refreshing the Cat’s Breath

Plaque or tartar formation can eventually develop a foul smell and make your feline companion's mouth smelly. Bad breath in pets can be annoying and a serious alarm of their deteriorating gums and other bacteria accumulation in the mouth. Although a mild smell is common, stringent smells mean serious feline diseases such as a fruity smell may indicate diabetes and ammonia smell for kidney diseases. As bad odor is caused due to sulfur compounds, Oxyfresh water additive for cats can break these compounds and convert them into simple non-harmful byproducts. It also contains Zinc, which also acts upon sulfurous compounds.