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VacciCheck and Role of Antibodies Developed After Vaccination in Dogs

Aug 4, 2021, 2:04 PM

VacciCheck and Role of Antibodies Developed After Vaccination in Dogs

Just like a vet recommended dog food, timely administration of vaccination is highly important when it comes to healthcare for pet dogs. Among all the immunity boosters, vaccination for tackle canine parvovirus (CPV) and canine distemper (CDV) is essential for the healthy survival of the dog. However, evaluation of the level of antibodies generated after a vaccination shot is crucial to determine the need for revaccination. Canine Vaccicheck is a revolutionary solution for this purpose.

Whether among humans and animals, vaccination for any disease works to equip the immune system with essential antibodies to fight the disease-causing viruses. This helps in effectively preventing the infection and its severe effects. Researches have proven that major canine vaccinations such as CDV and CPV are an effective means to avoid these infectious illnesses among dogs.

While in some cases, the pet dog may require multiple doses of the vaccination in order to strengthen the immunity, in other cases, revaccination may be avoided as the dog would already have the essential antibodies. Vaccicheck forms a prominent part of vet supplies for clinic as measuring the antibody titers level is the accurate way to evaluate the immune system before revaccinating a dog. Hemagglutination Inhibition (HI) and Serum Neutralization (SN) tests are the benchmark methods used within professional laboratories as antibodies titers, especially against CPV and CDV.

Technological advancements in the veterinary medical industry have led to the development of various quick and easy-to-use serological tests to measure antibody levels in dogs for CDV or CPV. These antibody titer tests are a viable alternative for complex laboratory tests. Biogal Vaccicheck is a popular serology test kit available from reliable suppliers like Eurovets Dubai. These serological tests are approved by USDA as a valid antibody titers practice and hence used universally for testing the immunity of dogs.

Vaccination in Dogs

In a professional medical study published in the Veterinary Medicine and Public Health Journal, researchers tested the immunization developed by two commercial vaccines for CDV and CPV with Vaccicheck and the lab-based SN method. The tests showed the presence of effective antibodies in the canines after three weeks of the vaccine dose. The vaccines were efficient in stimulating immune responses towards specific diseases. The results obtained from the standard SN test and Vaccicheck were quite the same and had a close correlation.

Thus, it was medically validated and concluded that Vaccicheck is also a reliable method for accurate antibody titers against CDV and CPV. It is an easy and cost-effective technique for veterinarians to evaluate antibody levels in dogs with precision before providing booster shots.