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Summer Bird Care: What to Expect and How to Prepare

May 30, 2023, 11:35 AM

Summer preparation and care are essential for house birds to remain healthy and adjust to shifting environmental conditions. One of the fundamental requirements is obtaining the perfect bird feed that will aid in their balanced growth, nutrition, and reproduction. Harrison's Bird Foods is a company that specializes in producing bird food of the highest caliber for various bird species, including parrots, canaries, finches, and other pet birds. Much consideration must be given to our adorable, colorful buddies with wings.

Dr. Greg Harrison, an avian veterinarian, founded the company in 1988 after discovering the demand for wholesome, nutrient-rich bird food that may help prevent and treat common health problems in companion birds. Nutritionists and avian veterinarians founded the company, and its primary objective is to offer organic, non-GMO, and chemical-free bird meals made with premium ingredients to support the health and well-being of birds. Harrison's Bird Foods in Dubai provides seed mix, Harrison bird bread, and dry food to satisfy all birds' dietary and nutritional demands.

Why summer care matters and how to prepare are as follows:

Temperature Control

Maintaining a comfortable and safe temperature within their living space is important. Consider using fans, air conditioners, or misting devices to regulate the temperature. Ensure proper ventilation and avoid exposing birds to direct sunlight or drafts. Summer brings higher temperatures, which can be challenging for house birds.


Always ensure an adequate and clean water supply. Due to the increased heat in the summer, birds are more susceptible to dehydration. To stop bacterial growth, keep an eye on water levels and replace them frequently. You can also provide them with access to additional water sources, like misting their feathers or setting out shallow water bowls to wash in.

Bird Baths

By including some ice, you can reduce the heat! Put a massive piece of ice in the birdbath; as it melts, the water will remain cool and clean all day. By preventing and minimizing the number of unappealing insects that tend to congregate in still water, ice also helps with bath cleaning.

Sun Protection

Protecting house birds from direct sunlight is essential as it can cause overheating and sunburn. Position their cages away from windows or use curtains or blinds to filter out excessive sunlight. If they can access outdoor areas, provide shaded spots, or cover their cells with light-colored or reflective materials to reduce heat absorption.

Diet And Nutrition

Throughout the summer, house birds' appetites and dietary requirements may fluctuate. Ensure they have access to a healthy, nutrient-rich meal suitable for their species. To determine the proper diet, consult a veterinarian or an expert in avian medicine. To help your pet stay hydrated, consider adding fruits and vegetables with a high-water content to their meals. It is highly suggested to use Harrison's Bird Foods, which specializes in making the highest-quality bird food for a variety of bird species, including parrots, canaries, finches, and other pet birds. Harrison's Bird Foods carefully chooses and combines ingredients from reliable suppliers accessible in Dubai and the GCC through Eurovets to provide birds with the best nutrition possible.

With proper preparation and attention, you can ensure your feathered companions have a healthy and enjoyable summer season. By being ready for summer and paying extra care to house birds, you can create a comfortable and safe environment for them to thrive. Monitor their behavior, watch for signs of distress or illness, and adjust accordingly.