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New Season - New Improved Formula

Dec 18, 2018, 9:04 AM


NOW flavoured with a unique longlasting aroma with a slow release FORAGE flavour to maintain optimum palatability.

Enduro-100 has been formulated to help support endurance horses that are in training and competing. Based on highly digestible fibres and a high oil level, Enduro-100 helps to maintain stamina and provides long lasting energy, as well as helping to preserve liver and muscle energy stores. Micronized cereals are also included to provide a more instant source of energy to help support faster work and sprint finishes as well as helping to replenish glycogen reserves.

High quality protein sources are used within the formulation to help keep total protein intake low which help reduce the 'heat load' but ensures optimum levels of essential amino acids for cell renewal, tissue and muscle repair.

Enduro-100 is fully fortified with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to help support health and vitality as well as high levels of antioxidants to maintain normal recovery rates post training and competition. Antioxidants, such as vitamin E are also vital to support normal immune function. A live yeast is included to optimize hindgut function, fibre digestion and utilization, which in turn helps to maximize energy release and minimize the risk of digestive upset.


We work closely with our clients to ensure that our feeds and recommendations deliver the results in the most cost-effective way.  Our innovation comes as part of working as a TEAM. Maintaining optimum palatability of a feed through the season is paramount to sustaining uncompromised high performance and optimum recovery. This also helps to ensure that horses enter the 'off season' in a healthy body condition.  Enduro-100 is now flavoured with a natural and slow release FORAGE flavour that provides the horse with a continuous aroma and taste of fresh cut forage. Everyone knows that fresh forage and grass is an important appetite stimulant for horses that are stressed or convalescing, and many competition horses have restricted or no access to pasture. This can lead to reduced feed intake. Saracen FORAGE flavour is designed to naturally 'mimic' this smell and flavour to help encourage optimum and sustained feed intakes throughout the season.

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