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Maintaining Your Dog's Hydration Will Help Prevent Heat Stroke

Jun 14, 2022, 11:05 AM

Canine and feline diseases are among the most prevalent in domesticated animals. Summers in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates are harsher and last longer than those elsewhere. As a result of the terrible weather, more pets are suffering from heat stroke. If it is not disclosed, it can be too late and, in rare cases, even fatal. Even when the consequences could be detrimental, there are easy ways to ensure that your animal pals are taken care of. Since veterinary products in Dubai are easily available at clinics and veterinarians, you don't need to take extraordinary measures to fix this issue. Pet food in Dubai, such as Calibra expert Nutrition Wet dog food can help keep your dog hydrated because it has a higher moisture content than dry food.

Here is a handbook that will provide comprehensive details on the causes, signs, and treatments of canine heat stroke.

Maintaining Your Dog's Hydration Will Help Prevent Heat Stroke

The Cause of Heat Stroke

A prevalent misunderstanding is an idea that heat stroke can only occur in the summer and cannot occur at any other time of the year. Unlike humans, dogs have extremely few sweat glands on their feet and the skin around their noses. Because they cannot effectively expel heat through their paws and nostrils, pets pant continuously. Pets run the risk of acquiring hyperthermia if they are unable to cool themselves via panting. Heat stroke-induced hypothermia, which happens when your pet's body temperature rises, is the most hazardous type. However, if the temperature increases by more than 43 degrees, there is a greater danger of death, organ damage, and loss. If your dog experiences heat stroke, treatment needs to start right away.

External factors, particularly the weather, frequently cause heat strokes. Heat stroke can be caused by several things, including high temperatures, humidity, poor ventilation or air movement, physical exertion, confinement to a home or other compact space, a lack of water intake, unfamiliarity with the weather, and others. However, research has shown that many animals succumb to the illness due to their breed or an underlying medical condition.

Usual Dog Heat Stroke Symptoms

There are several signs and symptoms of heat stroke to be aware of; keep in mind that they will get worse as the illness gets worse and is lethal.

Early Symptoms Contain:

  • Excessive panting or breathing difficulties.
  • Angry or uncomfortable.
  • Altered gum color.
  • Heavy salivation and drooling.
  • Internal temperature increase.

Progressive Signals Contain:

  • Signs of bewilderment or disorientation.
  • Muscles trembling.
  • Convulsions.
  • Become unconscious.
  • Diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Higher heart rate.
  • Effortlessness or fainting/dizziness.

Guidelines to Avoid Heatstroke

It's important to feed your dog a balanced diet, ensure they drink enough water, and provide a comfortable atmosphere to regulate their body temperature.

Here's how you can avoid heat stroke in canines and felines through proper external factors:

  • Pets shouldn't be left unattended in warm, enclosed spaces like basements or heated homes.
  • Avoid taking your pet for a stroll on hot surfaces like asphalt, concrete, or sand.
  • Never leave pets alone in a locked, parked automobile.
  • Be sure to frequently stop on family vacations, keep the car cool, and bring water.
  • When it's hot outside, you shouldn't make your dog exercise.
  • Ensure access to areas with shade and cool water.

Guidelines to Avoid Heatstroke

Let's say your dog is already showing signs of heat stroke. The veterinarians can do a complete assessment and provide immediate assistance with the therapy. Since it is a significant medical issue, immediately moving them to a cooler environment is best and taking them to the clinic directly. The veterinarian's recommended course of action and diet will provide a diet rich in fluids. Calibra dog food, which aids in diet and supplies the right nutrition, is one of the top international brands easily available at veterinarians and clinics by Eurovets, a well-known veterinary supplier in Dubai.