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Knowing Pets’ Joint Health and Essential Nutrients

Nov 2, 2020, 4:36 PM

Knowing Pets’ Joint Health and Essential Nutrients

The bones of the pets and the joints linking them are highly important as they impact their mobility and, in turn, their life quality. However, joint disorders among pets, especially dogs and cats, have been prevalent for various reasons such as obesity, injuries, lack of essential nutrition, etc. For effective joint care of your companions, there are different veterinary products in Dubai to enhance their bodies’ nutrients. To avoid bone joint illnesses, it is essential to understand the basics, necessary precautions and remedies. 

Understanding Pets’ Joints

At the connecting spots of bones, cartilage and synovial fluids are the two main components. Synovial fluids present in the cartilage ensure smooth movement, which further helps in reducing friction and absorbs shocks, thereby maintaining healthier and functional joints. These essentials are developed by glycosaminoglycans that comprise glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate. Wear and tear of cartilages or lack of synovial fluids may lead to pain, inflammation, and movement issues. 

Common Signs of Unhealthy Joints

As it’s always better to prevent a significant illness with strong precautions, it’s better to safeguard the pets by noticing their minute behavioral change. Joint disorders among pets can be identified through sheer observation and by noting certain common signs: 

  • Among dogs – Dogs may show a difference in their movements such as limping, inclining towards one side, unable to jump or climb, and stumbling. They may display specific symptoms such as licking the joint areas, standing on front legs, and swollen joints.
  • Among cats – Joint disorders in cats can be identified if there is a reduction in their grooming as it might cause pain while turning. Long overgrown toenails may signify it is facing pain in toe and feet while scratching.

Common Signs of Unhealthy Joints

Four Essential Nutrients for Improving Pets’ Joint Health

Joint disorders and serious illnesses like arthritis can be prevented by feeding them essential nutrients for bone collective strength and rejuvenation. Four nutrients can effectively enable healthy joints.


Glucosamine promotes the synthesis of collagens that are proteins found in connective tissues like cartilages. By stimulating collagen production, glucosamine can strengthen cartilages to protect the bones in the joints. Glucosamine levels can be enhanced through supplements available from various pet supplies in Dubai, such as Fido’s Glucosamine Tablets


Chondroitin helps in retaining water content in the cartilages. It maintains elasticity in the tissue to promote smooth movement of the bones. Supplements such as Mavlab’s Pernaease Powder available through Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers can enhance chondroitin and glucosamine levels in the pets.

Vitamin C

Although most animals tend to develop Vitamin C themselves, some might face deficiency due to diseases or stress. Promoting healthy joints, Vitamin C plays a significant role in the production of collagen. They have also been instrumental in the healing of bone after fractures. As Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant, improving levels of it can also help prevent cell damage.

Fish oil

It is an effective component as the Omega -3 fatty acids present in the fish oil prevent inflammation and production of other harmful proteins, causing arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids also help in eliminating joint pains and improve mobility. Various supplements for specific pets such as Bio PetActive’s GlucoCHOND Plus Gel for cats contain Omega-3 fatty acids to healing joint pains.