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Importance of Biosecurity in Birds of Prey Facility

Aug 4, 2021, 2:06 PM

Importance of Biosecurity in Birds of Prey Facility

Care and maintenance of captive birds involve many procedures to keep the birds and their surroundings healthy. The increasing atmospheric pollution and the advent of harmful viruses make aviculture a much difficult task. However, considering the importance of natural immunity, it is important to ensure your cleanliness efforts have a proper balance not to exceed the limit. Cleaning and sanitizing the birds' enclosures using the right veterinary disinfectant solutions can help prevent harmful germs and bacteria. To ensure proper hygiene for the birds, it is fundamental to understand the prominent places and infections to be careful about.

Travel Boxes

Transportation of birds from one place to another poses a risky period where immense care needs to be taken. Certified veterinary products in Dubai, such as F10sc veterinary disinfectant, can help in cleaning the transit boxes or falconry bags used for keeping the birds while transporting them. These solutions effectively disinfect the surfaces to kill all the microorganisms that may cause infections in the birds. The eco-friendly nature of these solutions makes disinfection easy and safe. Spraying the gloves with this powerful F10 disinfectant after handling every bird can be instrumental in avoiding potential chances of cross-contamination.

Food Containers

The feeding dishes and areas for birds form a major risk factor in terms of the easy spread of avian diseases. Feeding the captive birds using a contaminated vessel that is not disinfected poses a huge hygiene risk. While emptying the feeding trays inside the aviary, regular cleaning using reliable veterinary disinfectant is vital to disinfect them properly before the birds are fed on with it. Surfaces of the food preparation areas should also be carefully cleaned and disinfected to avoid contamination of the feed buckets, chopping boards and other items used.

Water Baths

Water Baths

The bathing area and equipment used for the process are also potential sources of spreading various infections from one bird to another. Apart from scrubbing and washing the baths, they should also be sanitized completely using certified F10 products in Dubai to make them safe. After spraying the disinfectant solution, it should be left to dry for few minutes to make it fully effective.

Treating Infections

The birds may get highly vulnerable to infections and other ailments after surgeries or other treatments. Proper care is essential to avoid escalation of their conditions and to improve the healing process. F10 products in a proper diluted state have also proven to be effective in treating yeast infections in birds, which are otherwise difficult to solve.