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How to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Fit

Nov 26, 2020, 4:07 PM

How to Keep Your Pets Healthy and Fit

A little cuddle session with your chubby companion can be lovely and fun. However, it is essential to maintain the pet's body weight with a planned diet and nutritious supplement from a trusted veterinary supplier in Dubai. Recent research showed that dogs with ideal body weight lived around two years more than their overweight fellow canines. Dogs may gain additional pounds due to various reasons, including intense body fat, uncontrolled extra calorie intake, or as an after-effect of any other severe medical conditions.

Overweight may lower the pet's quality of life and negatively impact their performance on a day-to-day basis. Excess weight in dogs has led to severe medical conditions such as diabetes caused by insufficient insulin secretion, heart diseases by breathing issues, and arthritis due to extra pressure over joints by the body weight.

Signs of Overweight

Various visible physical attributes may strongly indicate excess body weight, such as bulkier face and abdominal sagging. Not being able to feel the dog's ribs, spine, and waistline touching them may indicate fat accumulation over its body. Your companion may also exhibit specific behavioral changes such as tiredness and reluctance to walk, jump, or move. They may pant when they are excited, energetic, or trying to cope with excessive atmospheric heat. However, excessive panting can also indicate an overweight body and resultant difficulty in breathing.

Signs of Overweight

Ways to Arrest Pet’s Body Weight

Diet Control

The cute puppy faces may often make us fall for their begging and end up overfeeding them. Improper diet patterns resulting from overfeeding and overeating are significant causes of excessive weight gain in pet dogs. Develop a healthier eating habit with a proper diet plan with all the essential nutrients according to its physical requirements. Several smaller meals can help provide nutrition at regular intervals. Moreover, you should avoid overfilling their plate during meal times.

Meals rich in protein and fiber but low in fat can be instrumental in diet control as it may give a fuller feel to the dog and provide them enhanced energy. Certified products such as Calibra's Dog Expert Nutrition Light are useful dry-food items to provide that necessary protein with low caloric content.

Professional Veterinary Advice

Avoid careless feeding of your food leftovers or any people's food out of veterinary's advice. A professional veterinarian can help you devise a perfect dietary plan for your companion through precise physical examination. As overweight may also result from internal medical conditions, a veterinarian is in the best place to tell the exact reason and prescribe if it needs a blood test.


Like humans, the workout is an optimal way to fitness, even for your pet dogs. Their fitness can be enhanced through long walks, agility, and flyball practices. Although your pets may sometimes be reluctant to perform these activities due to sheer laziness, their age also plays a significant role. It's essential to feed older pets with a controlled amount of nutrition to maintain a healthy body, as they need less energy and calories. Calibra's special cat foods such as Sp Dry Hypoallergenic Cat Senior & Light can help in weight reduction to avoid obesity.