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How to Keep Your Horse's Hooves Healthy and Strong

Oct 26, 2021, 8:46 PM

How to Keep Your Horse's Hooves Healthy and Strong

Who hasn't heard the phrase "a good hoof makes a wonderful horse" or "no hoof, no horse"? It emphasizes the importance of a healthy hoof and how it may cost you a horse if it isn't properly maintained. While a proper diet equine supplements, psyllium for horses and nutrition is important, hoof care is the single most critical aspect that can affect your horse's overall health. As a result, good foot care is extremely vital. The following are some suggestions for keeping your horse's hooves healthy and strong.

Regular Attention

The hooves of a horse require constant attention and care.

  • Cleaning and inspecting your horse's feet daily is critical.
  • One of the most crucial and necessary things to accomplish is to pick out the horse's feet. Any stones or small objects lodged in your horse's feet must be removed.
  • Keep an eye out for turnout injuries regularly.
  • Check the heat and pulse before leaving the stable in the morning. A healthy horse's hoof should be somewhat warm and consistent in temperature.

Trim Regularly

While the rate at which a horse's hoof grows determines how often it should be trimmed, it is recommended that your horse be trimmed regularly to maintain good health. Because hooves grow slowly in the winter, it is recommended to trim every 6 to 12 weeks instead of every 6 to 8 weeks in the summer.

Maintaining the Health of Your Horse's Hooves

Although a balanced foot is crucial for the horse's enhanced movement, stress and pressure on the bones, tendons, and ligaments can occur if the hooves are not balanced. Therefore,

Make sure to keep the hoof and pastern at a 90-degree angle

A straight line from the pastern to the front of the hoof wall must be drawn. The bones between the pastern and the coffin bone are now perfectly aligned.

Quick Changeover

If the toe is squared, rounded, or rolled, the mobility with each step will be much easier and more efficient.

A lot of break time might be dangerous and lead to health problems.

Appropriate Heel Support

The shoe stretches back to the end of the hoof wall, providing good and balanced support for the entire hind leg.

Even Walk

It's critical to maintain a good balance between the medial and lateral sides. As the horse walks, its foot should land evenly on both sides.

Maintaining the Health of Your Horse's Hooves

Hoof Cracks, Abscess & Thrush

Hoof cracks can be avoided by trimming the hoof, using a hoof moisturizer, and eating a balanced diet with the best horse hoof vitamins from a brand that supports safe and superior quality supplements. Equi4s, for example, is a Belgian equestrian brand that promotes high-quality, safe nutrients to keep your horses healthy.

An abscess is a hoof infection brought on by any outside foreign body lodged in the sole. Remove the object, soak the foot in the warm water, wrap it up and keep it clean and dry (Abscesses can be avoided if your horse's feet are picked regularly).

Thrush, caused by damp, dirty conditions, should be treated with caution because it might infect sensitive hoof tissues. This problem can be avoided and eliminated by keeping the barns clean and dry.


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