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How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated During the Summer

Jun 22, 2020, 2:58 PM

While most of us love to take our beloved canine companions with us during our travels, heat induced dehydration can cause numerous health complications in dogs. As smaller animals, canines get hot faster while compared to humans and larger animals, and even the healthiest of dogs can become dehydrated if they are not provided with proper care. Apart from the weather, how much fluid your dog needs to remain hydrated is also dependent on its activity level and diet. Canines mostly sweat through their paw pads and also lose body water through panting. In this write-up, we'll try to understand the phenomenon of dehydration in canines and also share practical tips to prevent the same.

Dogs Can Become Dehydrated if They Are not Provided With Proper Care

Understanding Dehydration in Dogs

In simple terms, dehydration can be defined as the process by which a body experiences fluid loss. Not only is almost 60% of an adult dog’s body mass composed of water, but it also helps in moving nutrients into and out of cells, and also helps with waste removal. Water also plays a key role in bodily processes such as food digestion and nutrient absorption.

How Dogs Get Dehydrated

Canine Dehydration occurs when the animal does not drink the required amount of fluid and electrolytes. There might be a number of reasons ranging from heat stroke to fever, which might be causing your dog to refuse drinking fluids. Kidney diseases can also give rise to dehydration as damaged kidneys tend to produce more urine irrespective of the amount of water that has been consumed.

Summertime, in particular, promotes dehydration in canines as they may not have access to enough water or is not interested in drinking any. If your companion is a highly energetic and active canine, you would how difficult it is to interrupt an activity they are engaged in and force them to drink water.

The Symptoms

Dehydration can give rise to numerous symptoms in dogs, and your companion may exhibit either one or all of them. Some of these early warning signs that you should keep an eye out for includes:

  • Weakness;
  • Labored Breathing;
  • Hollow Eyes;
  • Dry Gums;
  • Rapid Heart Rate.

If you find that your dog is suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above, the animal should be provided with immediate veterinary attention.

While Travelling With Dog Be Sure to Carry Along a Bowl and Plenty of Water

Tips to Avoid Canine Dehydration

Here are some useful tips to help you keep your companion well-hydrated this summer:

  • Take your dog out for a walk or to exercise during those times of the day when the heat is not so intense.
  • When you are travelling with your dog, be sure to carry along a bowl and plenty of water.
  • In between playtime and exercise, spare time for the animal to take rest and also for water breaks.
  • If your dog is distracted by something else and is avoiding water, it's better to cut the outing short.

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