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How to Help Stray Cats During Winters

Jan 4, 2023, 12:22 PM

More stray cats than dogs live in the UAE, and when it gets cold, many people wonder how they can aid their friendly feline neighbors who paw and wish them a good day every time they pass by. They are too affectionate to turn a blind eye merely. They become your wild buddies due to your frequent petting, but how can you assist your animal companion when the weather changes?

Cats can find food and weather protection by blending into their surroundings. Despite their cunning, these outdoor cats, especially the kittens, need assistance to survive the winter. Following suggested cat care procedures makes it possible to make sure that neighborhood cats are cozy and secure while spending the colder months outdoors. You have numerous options for helping out. Here are some actions you may take if you care about the stray cats in your community or are an animal lover.


Feral and stray cats can withstand the cold thanks to their thick winter coats, but they still need a warm, dry, well-insulated, and useful home. Although cats can locate cover, you may offer them a variety of secure havens where they can unwind, warm up, and take a break. Even though you don't need to spend a lot of money to have shelter, making one or constructing something out of scrap materials or empty containers could be fun. According to the size of the cats, the ideal cat shelter should be at least 45.72 cm tall, two feet by three feet in size, and able to contain three to five cats. Make the area smaller if there aren't enough cats to fill it, so it doesn't need as much body heat to warm up. Ensure that cats are kept inside the doorway only. A door flap above the entryway keeps out the cold air and potential attackers. Make sure the entry is raised a few inches to deflect rain.

Provide Warm Food and Water

If doing so won't jeopardize the shelter's privacy and security, place food and water nearby so the cats won't have to walk far. Increase meal sizes to help cats conserve energy throughout the winter. Cats might benefit from extra food. Wet or canned food requires the least amount of energy to digest, allowing more energy to ward off the chill. Make careful to provide animals with fresh food and water every day or twice a day in place of allowing leftovers to freeze. On Eurovets, a renowned veterinary supplier in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, you can conveniently get cat food online.

Extra Precautions

  • If you cannot give these cats food or shelter, make sure not to hurt them by keeping a watch out for any issues.
  • Before getting into your car, give the hood a loud knock to ensure no cats are hiding underneath it or in the engine for warmth. Additionally, check the tire wells because cats frequently hide in these areas.
  • TNR is only applied during favorable weather conditions. Try during the warmer hours and adjust the cats' feeding schedule, so they are active during the best hours when doing TNR during the colder months.
  • Our communities might benefit from having community cats. Let's repay the courtesy and keep them warm and secure.