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Five Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Aug 7, 2022, 5:47 PM

Summer sounds lovely with all the great outdoor activities one can engage in. Even though it's a wonderful time of year and a chance to engage in various leisure activities, summers in the UAE may be extremely hot. Moreover, it is more for dogs and paw kids than just people. Dehydration can worsen over long, hot summers and cause serious health issues if you have a pet. There are several ways to stop it, but one must naturally be aware of the warning signs and symptoms first. One may kill two birds with one stone by providing their dog's good dental care and keeping them hydrated with products like Oxyfresh water additive for pets. So, if a pet owner suspects their animal is dehydrated, the main warning signs they should watch out for are listed below.

Five Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Here Are Five Signs You Should Look Out For

Less Active

Dogs' energy levels can undoubtedly be affected by the heat, which should be obvious when they are less active and frequently exhausted. To get them to socialize and be more active, make them drink more water.

Uncommonly Heavy Breathing

To become dehydrated, a dog only needs to lose three to five percent of the total body fluids, which can happen quickly after strenuous exercise in extreme heat. Excessive panting is likely to be the first sign you observe, typically followed by drooling.

Dry Eyes or Nose

When your dog suddenly develops a dry nose after playing in the hot sun, it may indicate that they are mildly dehydrated. Dry eyes can also characterize dehydration.

A Decline in Skin Elasticity

Your dog may be dehydrated if you gently pull a loose fold of skin on the back of its neck, and it doesn't quickly snap back into place.

Dry or Colorless Gums

Your pet's gums might reveal much more about it than just its oral health. Your dog is dehydrated if they have pale gums, dry gums, or thick mucilage. Another test involves pushing the gums to see if they turn their normal color before getting pink. If they don't turn their original color or are completely colorless, it's not a good sign.

How Much Water Should Your Dog Drink Every Day to Stay Hydrated?

The key ratio to determining how much water your pet needs to drink daily is one iota per pound of body weight. Dogs are very active during the summer; they may require three times the recommended amount of water. As the summertime temperatures rise, ensure the water holder has enough water and maintain filling it. To help with pet oral hygiene and preserve hydration, you may also add Oxyfresh water additive to their water.

Hydration Tips for Your Dog During the Summer Heat

Hydration Tips for Your Dog During the Summer Heat

  • Wash the water bowls regularly to ensure that your pets are not bothered by the filthy water.
  • If you have numerous dogs, place water dishes in various locations throughout the house and outside if they are energetic and frequently go out.
  • For your dog's dry food, add water.
  • Take frequent water breaks while traveling and consider packing a portable water dish.
  • Allow your dog to join you inside during the hot months if they are kept outside or in a kennel to enjoy the cool air conditioning.

To Sum Up

While keeping your dog hydrated, you may support their dental health with Oxyfresh premium Pet Dental Water Additive. The non-toxic, American-made Oxyfresh water additive eliminates annoying bad breath while preventing plaque and periodontal disease. This non-toxic water additive is widely available at all the clinics thanks to the leading veterinary supplier in Dubai, Eurovets! It has no taste or smell, so that dogs will like it.