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Easy Ways to Maintain Cats' Dental Health

Jul 10, 2022, 12:29 PM

While the explanations may include a lack of time, cats' oral hygiene is just as vital as humans. Dental care or oral hygiene in pets is frequently ignored since many do not feel it affects pets like humans. Your cat may experience some of the same severe dental issues as people if you neglect their needs, including excessive tartar buildup, plaque, inflamed gums, gum infections, and tooth loss. You'll find many solutions at the veterinary offices from well-known companies like Oxyfresh, which provides a selection of simple-to-use pet products in Dubai that aid with the oral care of your pets. Here are some pointers for keeping cats' teeth healthy.

Easy Ways to Maintain Cats' Dental Health

The Crucial Step Is to Control Plaque

Plaque buildup on the teeth becomes a problem when it is neglected. Luckily, cat tooth plaque can be easily removed with routine oral care. Plaque on cat teeth will eventually solidify into tartar; this process takes only a few days. A visit to the doctor is required to remove tartar from cat teeth. X-rays, anesthesia, scaling, and polishing are part of the procedure. Therefore, the ideal approach to providing dental care for your cat kittens is to avoid issues by regularly brushing and cleaning your teeth. Use Oxyfresh gel & finger brush set to give pets the freshest breath while quickly removing plaque and tartar.

Easy Ways to Feline Teeth Brushing

Your cat's teeth can be readily brushed by following a few simple steps. Your cats must get used to having their gums and teeth touched. Using your finger to massage your cat's teeth and gums is one way to build this habit. Just be sure first to dip it in tuna water. Although brushes are an option, finger brushes are usually suggested due to their usability. Because it fits their mouth better and is less invasive, you'll discover that your cat enjoys this. You should only brush your cat's teeth with Oxyfresh cat teeth gel since human toothpaste contains elements that can damage cats. Follow the following advice to make grooming your cats more enjoyable:

  • Start by brushing for a little time, then gradually extend it to 25–30 seconds per side.
  • Set a timetable and train your cat to follow it.
  • Cup their chins and gently embrace them from behind rather than pinning them down.
  • Clean the outer surface.
  • Be calm.
  • Give them snacks as a reward.
  • If their gums are already irritated, use gentle, soft strokes.

Other Viable Options for Brushing

There are good alternatives to brushing if it doesn't always work or go well with your cats. In certain cases, we understand that you may feel helpless. Here are a few that will help you maintain your cat's oral hygiene.

Water Supplement

One of the finest alternatives to brushing cat teeth is adding a cat dental water additive to the water bowl. Veterinarians and cat owners use Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive because it is flavor- and odor-free. To make things even simpler, you can transfer the solution into your cat's water bowl or fountain daily to stop plaque from forming and maintain fresh breath.

Use Feline Dental Spray

The other option involves using cat dental spray to maintain your cat's teeth and gums quickly. Their breath stays fresh, and their oral health is maintained.

Treats Designed for Cat Dental Care' Dental Health

Treats Designed for Cat Dental Care

As "floss", bare bones contain enzymes that fight plaque and effectively clean cat teeth. Just be cautious not to give cooked bones to your cat because they might break and pose a choking hazard.

You can immediately embark on a new adventure in the direction of your cat's oral hygiene with the suggestions provided above. No matter how closely you take care of your pet, ensure they get regular dental examinations at the vet. The clinics and offices of your veterinarian are where you can purchase the best pet dental kit.