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Discover How a Toothbrush Is a Canine's Friend In Oral Health

Nov 23, 2023, 11:20 AM

Everyone loves their furry companion and paw babies, and the bond only gets deeper with each scratch, game of ball, walk in the park, and belly rib. While everyone ensures that their pet babies are well taken care of through annual medical checks and frequent visits to the vet, here's one of the most important facts that not every owner is aware of Dental health is one of the most crucial parts of the overall health care for your canine. While many owners think that a chew toy or a bone can help with it, on the contrary, it's not. In this blog, learn how a toothbrush is what your dog needs. Life span increased by five years on average with frequent use of a dental tool kit for your dog's oral health. Oxyfresh, one of the leading brands recommended and used worldwide, has a line of products specifically for oral care and pet dental health. Thanks to Eurovets, a top distributor of this brand in the Middle East and GCC, this pet product is available to every loving dog parent at Veterinary clinics and pet shops.

Revisiting The Age-Old Question, Is There Any Need to Use a Toothbrush

To put it in simple words, Yes! While only seven percent of dog owners use toothbrushes to clean their dog's teeth, a study supports that dental kits can reduce the chances of gum diseases leading to other fatal illnesses in dogs, which can begin by age 3. It's critical to take immediate action and get your hands on Oxyfresh Gel & Fingerbrush Kit because dog gum disease can be fully reversed in its early stages without veterinary intervention (also known as professional dental cleaning).

Tips To Use Dog Toothbrush Appropriately

  • Put together the Oxyfresh Gel & Finger Brush Kit, along with an optimistic attitude. 
  • Give the dog's toothbrush a small dab of toothpaste. 
  • Hold your dog in your lap or kneel in front of them, regardless of whether they are lap dogs. Lift a corner of their lips as you stroke with one hand; they don't have to open wide.
  • Brush both the top and bottom of the mouth, paying attention to one side at a time, lightly and circularly along the gum line at a 45-degree angle. Focus solely on the outside surfaces of the teeth. Plaque and tartar buildup are located here.
  • As you brush, comfort your dog with comforting words to help them unwind.
  • After brushing, provide a treat, even if it isn't too successful. They will develop a favorable association with it in this way.

How Often Should You Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Although it is advised to brush your dog's teeth as often as possible, at least three times a week should be the minimum. Nevertheless, Oxyfresh also includes a dog water additive that guarantees fresh breath and protects your pets from plaque accumulation. Dogs can drink more of these water additions without getting picky because they don't have any flavor or scent.

Cleaning your pet’s teeth is now easier with Oxyfresh Gel & Fingerbrush Kit. Stop stumbling over bulky dog toothbrushes!