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Conditioning Score Horses

Aug 20, 2018, 12:21 AM

Condition scoring is an assessment of your horse's body fat coverage and should form part of your routine management plan. With practice, condition scoring is an accurate way of ensuring that your horse does not gain or lose too much body condition and shows results far more quickly than by the eye alone. This enables you to make any dietary adjustments before a problem has actually occurred. We recommend that condition scoring is done on a fortnightly basis in conjunction with weight taping.

Areas of Emphasis for Body Condition Scoring

A. Thickening of the neck
B. Fat covering the withers
C. Fat deposits along backbone
D. Fat deposit on flanks
E. Fat deposits on inner thigh
F. Fat deposits around tailhead
G. Fat deposit behind shoulder
H. Fat covering ribs
I. Shoulder blends into neck

Download The Body Scoring Chart 

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