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Common Hoof Issues and Protection Strategies

Dec 20, 2022, 12:24 PM

One of the most frequently disregarded indicators of hoof issues is warning indications in nutrition claim brands. In particular, given how commonplace it is for horses to have low angles in their hooves, frequent cracks and sores, and horses needing shoes because their feet are too painful and damaged to be left bare. However, changing a horse's diet can swiftly resolve foot issues. For example, the equine supplement Hoofcare 4S is strongly suggested for healthy hooves. A well-known veterinary supplier in Dubai called Eurovets distributes products from Equi4S, a renowned international brand known for its excellence, security, innovation, and efficacy. Healthy hoofs could be achieved by making only minor dietary adjustments and intake of Hoofcare 4S.

It is best to address issues and look past symptoms to root causes. The main contributing factor to problems with the foot is food. You are what you eat, and the strength and naturalness of your horse's hooves can only be as great as the nourishment you provide them. Most chronic cracking, blistering, or infections can be resolved by reexamining the diet and way of life we provide for our horses. Let's break down the cause and common hoof issues.


Flares and Cracks

Horses are enormously heavy animals with wooden skewer-sized hooves supporting them. Every time your horse strides, gallop, or leaps, tremendous weight and pressure are put on their feet structural integrity. Your horse's hooves must have thick enough walls to support the weight. Over time, poor or imbalanced nutrition can weaken the hoof wall and eventually cause it to buckle or break under pressure. Flares and cracks start to show here, indicating that your horse cannot sustain its hooves.

Ulcers and Boils

An abscess is the body's attempt to rid itself of an infection or inflammation by oozing pus. In essence, it might be an immunological reaction. By encouraging your horse's natural immune response in this area, you may be able to reduce the frequency of abscesses your horse develops and even get rid of them completely. Chronic abscesses and hoof infections in horses are not normal, and they are readily avoidable using a good diet and Hoofcare 4S.

Hose Shoes

It's crucial to understand that some of your horse's regular blood flow is stopped from reaching the foot when you put shoes on their feet. The frog acts as your horse's "little heart" by pressing down on its leg each time they step down and forcing blood back up it. Imagine the sensation a horse might feel as it gallops. By taking this simple motion, a horse's heart is less overworked and under less pressure, enabling them to perform all the spectacular athletic feats for which they are renowned. The amount of flexing the hoof may experience with each step, and the amount of blood pumped up are both decreased by a robust metal frame. Such a drop in blood flow may have detrimental effects. You may want to review their claims or consider seeing what a natural and healthier diet could do for your horse if someone has informed you that they need shoes to fix a condition or that they must wear them for the rest of their life.

Choose the Right Supplement

Each Equi4S product is manufactured by the exacting GMP feed safety standards and ISO 22000 standards, with a firm focus on quality and safety. Additionally, their products adhere to Belgian FASFC regulations governing animal feed and supplements production and the requirements for the Genetic ID non-GMO seal.

A nutritional supplement for horses called Hoofcare 4S is made from a blend of top-notch components. Every element needed to sustain strong and healthy hooves is included in Hoofcare 4S. High concentrations of fatty acids, zinc, methionine, lysine, and biotin are all present.