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Causes Of Pet Ear Diseases and Effective Way To Treat It

Jun 9, 2021, 4:17 PM

Causes Of Pet Ear Diseases

Among all the pet diseases, ear infections and inflammation are the most common ones that can cause severe pain and discomfort. External ear canal inflammation, widely known as Otitis Externa, requires professional treatment to eliminate and prevent the ailment. Ear canals of pet cats and dogs should be deeply inspected and treated to avoid recurrence of any infections, which can cause permanent hearing disorders. Lack of proper eradication of infectious pathogens may lead to expensive and complex surgeries.

Primary Reasons Of Ear Infections In Pets

The major cause of harmful ear infectious diseases and ear irritation in pets are scabies mites and ear mites. Ear infections in cats are mainly caused due to ear mites. Allergic skin diseases in pets like Atopy and other food allergies have proven to further cause Otitis Externa in most cases. Ear infections may also occur due to various hormone-based illnesses like keratinization and hypothyroidism disorders, which can impact the generation of the outer skin layer and hairs on the ear surface.

Treatment For Ear Diseases In Dogs and Cats

Initially, samples from the infected animal’s ears should be taken and properly examined using a microscope. This is highly important for precisely identifying the microorganisms and parasites causing the infection. If the pet is quite restless, disrupting visualization of the ear canal after cleaning it, giving it general anaesthesia can be helpful. Proper inspection and visualization of the ear canal are important as administering ear-drops can cause deafness if the pet’s ear is ruptured. Incomplete removal of debris from ears using professional veterinary equipment in Dubai can also lead to improper curing of Otitis.

Video Otoscopy

Karl Storz endoscopy is an effective visualizing method to cleanse the pet’s ears after giving them sedation perfectly. General anaesthesia is an important precautionary measure to conduct veterinary endoscopy carefully. This efficient equipment allows perfect examination of the pet’s ear in detail and helps collect evidence. The video endoscope also has a special channel to insert forceps, biopsy or flushing tubes to clean and treat the infected area inside the pet’s ears.

Why Have Video Otoscope At the Clinic?

Karl Storz veterinary endoscopy can not only make video otoscopic examinations easy and fast but also a feasible solution. Specially designed in compact sizes, they can easily fit into small veterinary clinics. The portable system attached to these video otoscopes makes it convenient to transfer across different rooms. With higher compatibility to various monitor systems, the videos and images during exams can be easily projected and played back. The visual data captured by this equipment can be stored on memory cards and flash drives for future reference.

Flushing and Suction For Deep Ear Cleaning In Pets

Flushing and Suction For Deep Ear Cleaning In Pets

Another special device like Karl Storz VETPUMP 2 Suction is another important equipment for efficient suction and cleansing of ears during video otoscopy. These powerful devices are fitted with a precise system to regulate the suction vacuum and irrigation fluid pressure.