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Canines and Arthritis

Oct 16, 2022, 6:21 PM

As many as one in five dogs is affected by arthritis, making it a widespread condition. It is frequently misinterpreted as normal aging because it typically affects middle-aged to older dogs. However, the aging process may not always include arthritis. If your dog exhibits any of the symptoms of arthritis, make an appointment with your veterinarian so they can examine her. Once it is established that your dog has arthritis, there are several things you may do to alleviate its discomfort while waiting for your veterinarian to assess and propose the correct treatment. With the help of efficient products and dog supplements conveniently available online from Eurovets, a reputed veterinary supplier in Dubai, it is simple to take care of your pets. You have access to several leading international brands to care for your dogs. Get your dog's arthritis products from companies like Bio PetActive and Calibra.

Canines and Arthritis

Signs to Look for

Arthritis-related joint stiffness can make it painful for your dog to walk. Long periods of inactivity worsen the stiffness, relieved by the movement that warms up the joint.

If your dog limps, arthritis may be at fault, especially if it worsens immediately after rising from a relaxed state and improves with activity.

There are several early symptoms that your dog may be in pain, such as getting tired more quickly on walks or playtime and not being active.

The pain brought on by joint inflammation may make it difficult to jump onto an elevated surface, such as a bed, or ride in a car.

It may be arthritis pain if your dog used to be energetic but is now drowsier.

Dogs frequently lick or chew on painful body parts to ease discomfort.

When your dog is in pain, it could result in newly developed aggressive habits.

How to Help Your Pets

The first line of combat against arthritic pain is a balanced diet and supplement use. The appropriate ratios and combinations of omega-3 essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants can all help alleviate some of your dog's discomfort with certain meals and supplements. To reduce joint stress and maintain strong, healthy joints, it may be advantageous for them to add chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane, calcium carbonate, and other nutrients to their diets. While consulting the vet is a given to determine the severity, they may also recommend specific dietary changes, treatment regimens, and food supplements provided by industry leaders in the veterinary field, such as Bio PetActive and Calibra. While arthritis cannot be completely cured, it can be treated, and your pets can continue to live normal lives.

Brands That Help You with Managing Arthritis

Brands That Help You with Managing Arthritis

Bio PetActive

Tablets, gels, and other items are available from Bio PetActive. This promotes the growth of healthy tissues, cartilage, hips, and joints. It is meticulously formulated with the greatest elements for mobility, flexibility, and anti-inflammatory properties to create the ideal balance. Along with Boswellia serrata, type ll collagen, hyaluronic acid, yucca, vitamin C, and vitamin E, it also contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and methyl sulfonyl methane.


Calibra has a variety of pet foods specially created and prepared considering the breed, size, and unique health issues that affect pets. Their Calibra expert nutrition mobility range now contains more glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for rigorous joint nutrition. It aids in reducing inflammation in joints. It is very easily digested. Additionally, Calibra has a huge breed that aids in musculoskeletal system defense. Their senior dog breed line also supports a highly digestible, hypoallergenic diet that, among other things, safeguards joints and maintains good mobility.

To Sum up

Strengthening exercises, physiotherapy, and other therapies like CBD oil could also be considered. Each of these treatments should be addressed with your veterinarian in assessing your dog's specific requirements to guarantee safety and efficacy. Even though arthritis is common, discomfort from it doesn't have to happen frequently. Keep a watchful eye on your dog so you can see any early signs of arthritis and administer the proper treatment.